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Norman Borlaug: The Legend

Borlaug and Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter, George McGovern and Scientists
Celebrate Father of Green Revolution's 90th Birthday

Borlaug Bio, History and Resources

NEW BOOK: Unsung Hero: The Man Who Fed the World
The engaging biography of Norman Borlaug.

Norman Borlaug Photos

Dr. Borlaug Visits Tuskegee University

Dr. Norman Borlaug, Nobel Peace Prize winner, 1970

Quotes on Norman Borlaug

Norman Borlaug Articles and Interviews

The Norman Borlaug Rap

Dr. Borlaug Visits Tuskegee University

Norman Borlaug Links

Norman Borlaug's Curriculum Vitae

Borlaug Multimedia Resources: Books,
Audio, Video, Poetry, Painting...

The Norman E. Borlaug International Agricultural Science and Technology Fellows Program

Borlaug Photos Borlaug Links Quotes on Borlaug The Borlaug Rap