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September 12, 2012

Greenpeace out to sea on GM rice issue, bioethicist says plus other top stories Sept 14, 2012

August 29, 2012

August 29, 2012 edition of AgBioView

August 1, 2012

August 1, 2012 Issue of AgBioview!

July 17, 2012

AgBioView newsletter of July 17, 2012

July 2, 2012

What is going on agbiotech around the world? Latest news

June 1, 2012

To Label or Not to Label; Stop worrying & start growing; MSS and Eggplant; Rothamsted Protests

May 11, 2012

Futility of ‘Flour Power’; Misplaced protest; Sticking up for scientific research; Aren't Worth A Bean

May 1, 2012

AgBioView is back!!! - Scientists Plead with Anti-GM Vandals, Analyzing Bt Cotton, Way Forward with Europe - and More!

December 15, 2011

Increasing Crop Yield; Long Term Study of Health Impact; Brave New Wheat; Problem or Paranoia? Honey-Free Europe

November 4, 2011

Ending Science Fiction at Ive League; Technology Can Save Us: 7 Billion Mouths, 3 Billion Acres; Arrogant Hypocrisy

October 18, 2011

Where Roses are Mauve; Fate of Bt Protein in Soil; Smarter Toxins; Riling the Enviro Allies

October 7, 2011

Swedes Speak Out; Facing Harsh Weather Ahead; Capturing Value; Cracking Open the Genome

September 30, 2011

Why Women Farmers Love GM?; Risk from Lobbyists; Road to Extinction; In the Beginning

September 23, 2011

Talking about GM Crops; Swiss Freedom of Choice; Your Lifestyle and World’s Poor; No Vandalism Please

September 15, 2011

Stop Worrying, Use Biotech; Turkey Opens the Door; Blue Rose; Greenpeace Birthday

September 9, 2011

EU Court Against Banning GM; Hung over Honey; Accept Science to Save Species; Celebrating 40 Years of Anti-Science

September 1, 2011

Heart-Healthy Soy; Turning Deaf Ear to Science; Precaution without Principle; Indian Farmers Speak Up

August 25, 2011

Overstating the Risk; Food for All; Life the Ban Please; Pot Genome sequenced

August 3, 2011

Snail’s Pace Approvals; Brits Back GM Food; OK to Eat GM if Starving; Freeze the Footprint of Food; GM Quiz

July 29, 2011

Modifying the Stance; Mitigating Drought; An Ugly Experiment; Less Pesticide Poisoning; Justifying the Attack

July 22, 2011

No More Regs Please; Papaya Destroyed; High Cost of Rejection; Denialist Ploy;

July 19, 2011

First Ever Human Trials of GM Plant Drug; More like Greenwar; Giving Lawyers a Bad Name; Beware of Amateur Scientists

June 24, 2011

No More Zero Tolerance in EU; Beachy and Juma Testify; Honoring Wise Policy Makers; Rebooting the System

June 17, 2011

Impossible Burden of Proof; EU Exacerbating Poverty with Policy; Political Gullibility; Messages and Metaphors

June 9, 2011

Too Must Angst About Biotech; Is Glyphosate Safe? Benefits and Worries; Atomic Gardening; One Hungry Planet

June 3, 2011

British Biochemists Support GM Crops; Greenpeace Activists to be Prosecuted; Upcoming BIO Meet in DC

May 22, 2011

Barking up the Wrong Tree; Withholding Technology is Injustice; Real Cost and Benefit; Politics of precaution

May 10, 2011

Want a Banana in 2020? Go GM; Cure for High Food Prices; Slowing Agriculture; Wheat is Back; Bill Gates Looking for Ideas

May 2, 2011

Reminiscences of Father of AgBiotech; Many Women, No Cry; Rice is from China (Sorry, India!); USDA’s War on Potatoes; Beachy Leaving USDA

April 28, 2011

Golden Rice Set for Field Trial; Debate Is About More Than Biosafety; Nigeria Must Press Ahead; A Kenyan’s Determination; Gene genius; Seeds of salvation

April 21, 2011

Patents Expiring, Generics In; Cassava Boost; Banana Shows Promise; Deepak Chopra on Agbiotech

April 19, 2011

Biotech Crops Boosting Agriculture; Gates $ for Golden Rice; Peru Wises Up; EU Still in Denial; GM on the Rise in Africa

March 30, 2011

Biodiversity Doesn’t Feed People, But GM Crops Do; Law of Unintended Consequences; Terrified to Criticize Greenpeace

March 22, 2011

Rejecting GM May Spur Violence; Answer for Many African Farmers; 9 Billion-People Question; How We Engineered The Food Crisis

March 15, 2011

World Hunger Crop Yield Idea Jam; Turkey Imports; Consensual Vs. Adversarial Approaches; Africa Desperate For Change

March 2, 2011

Biotech Food The New DDT?; Lack of Biotech Food Safety is A Myth; Reflexive Biotechnology Development; Crop Chemophobia

February 28, 2011

ISAA: Global Status of Commercialized Biotech/GM Crops: 2010

February 25, 2011

Cooking Up a Glyphosate Scare; Bearing the Brunt; Technological Intolerance

February 10, 2011

Irish to Embrace GM; Ottawa Against Restriction; Professor Monsanto Supports GM Food; Genomic Misconception of Transgenesis

February 7, 2011

Beet Goes On; Britain To Do the Unthinkable; Golden Opportunity Choked by Red Tape; Chefs Stir Up The Heat

February 3, 2011

Rush to Condemn GM Crops; Let's Restart the Green Revolution; Seeds We Sow Environmental Epiphany

January 31, 2011

Don't Go All European; Biotech Alfalfa OKed; China Boosts Public Debate; A Quiet Burial in India?; Sniffing Out Explosives

January 24, 2011

Key to Human Survival – UK Warning; Unlocking the Potential; Insurmountable Obstacle; Extremist Tactics; Fostering Innovation

January 20, 2011

Vilsack’s Defense; Using Property Rights Is A Trick; USDA Sending Mixed Signals; Splice of Life; Insurmountable Obstacle

January 19, 2011

Need to Communicate; Only Way to Go Green; Ease Regulations Please; Enough Foot-Dragging; Feeding of the Nine Billion

January 14, 2011

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad GM?; Time to Modify the Debate: So Much for Public Involvement; Questioning Dr. Judy Carman

January 12, 2011

Anti-GM Rules Holding Back EU Farming; GM Scientist Conviction Overturned; Patient Science Is GM Food’s Best Hope

January 10, 2011

Abandoning ‘Genetic Modification’; European Farmers Left Behind; Poorest Continent Can Feed Itself; Regulatory Roundabout

January 4, 2011

GM Crops Can Confer Economic Benefits to Nearby Non-GM Farmers

December 29, 2010

Academies maintain Bt brinjal is safe

December 27, 2010

Many Pollinators Infected by Viruses

December 20, 2010

PM's food panel bets big on farm biotech

December 14, 2010

Risk and Economic Assessment of GM Crops (book

December 13, 2010

Obama’s Evergreen Revolution; EU’s 10-Year €200m Finding – GM Is Safe; Building a Better Tree; Feeding the World – 100 Questions

December 9, 2010

GM food is Sharia Compliant; Blaming Jairam Ramesh; Dr. Oz’s Bias; Popular Misconceptions; Environmental Subterfuge

December 3, 2010

Activist Judge Uproots Beet; Africa Can Feed Itself In A Generation; ET Bacteria

December 1, 2010

Europe's Scientific Dark Ages; Apples That Won't Brown; Better Potato; African Experts on GM

November 30, 2010

Pontifical Academy of Sciences on Agbiotech; Constraints for Poverty Alleviation; Man That Saved a Billion Lives

November 22, 2010

Key to Food for the Future, International Society, Activists Hijack Economist Debate, Learning from the Past; Natural Is Not Always Better

November 15, 2010

Healthier Chocolate; Europeans Optimistic on Biotech; Food Security in a Two-Degree World; Philippine Farmers Want GM Eggplant

November 9, 2010

GMOs and Mother Nature - Closer Than You Think; Plastics; Sustainability of our farms; French Researcher Gives Up; Eating Glo-Fish

November 3, 2010

Environmentalist U-Turn;What the Green Movement Got Wrong; Economist Live Debate; Nigeria's New Cowpeas

October 28, 2010

Debate Must Be Science-Led; A New Journal; Latin Ag Ministers Speak Up: $1M Challenge to Bt; Mad Science

October 26, 2010

Why Europe In Dark; Power to the People – Federoff; Aussies Give Thumbs Up; Policies Affecting Biotech and Trade

October 25, 2010

Relaxing Research Restrictions; Another Hearing In Beet Case; Union of Concerned Faux Scientists; GMOs and Breastfeeding

October 21, 2010

Kofi Annan on Agbiotech; Gates Foundation Focus; African Farmers Urged to Embrace GM; EU the Largest Food Importer

October 18, 2010

How to Debate? Life-Saving Field Trials; Golden Opportunity, Red Tape; Regulatory Bottleneck; No Meeting of The Minds

October 13, 2010

Transgenic Harvest; Beachy on BBC; Filling the Cupboard; Nagoya – Kuala Lumpur Protocol

October 12, 2010

Decoding the GM Debate; No Restriction Please; Substantial Equivalence; Communal Benefits; Hypoallergenic Carrots

October 4, 2010

GM Cowpea; Hurt by Regulations; Lesser of Two Evils; Countering Global Warming; Blackwater

September 27, 2010

Cost to Humanity; EU divided over GM crops; Shattering myths behind Frankenfoods; Top Science Bodies Verdict

September 23, 2010

Waiting for Technology; Botanical Biopharming; Challenges and Responsibilities; Use Science, not Fiction; Don't Be Afraid of Frankenfish

September 20, 2010

When Our Friends Lie; Indian Super Potato; EU Tome on Regulation; FDA Versus Africa; Salmon Safe?

September 16, 2010

Alleviating Food Shortage in Africa;Safety Assessment; Chocolate Genome; Agropolis; Saving the Planet and Environmentalists

September 9, 2010

Ladybirds OK; Castor Genome Deciphered; Amadea Potato; Indian AgBiotech In Limbo; Don’t Take the Activist Bait

September 1, 2010

Apple Genome and the Dinosaurs; Sugarbeet Conundrum; Learning from the Bt Brinjal Episode; Super Salmon

August 27, 2010

Cracking the Wheat Genome; Freeman Dyson, an Unabashed Optimist; Beachy on the Next Wave of Biotech

August 26, 2010

Conviction of Peruvian Scientist - Call for Help; GM Potato Shines in GM Watch Backyard; Cleverly Crafted Prose; Intolerant, Hysterical and Smug!

August 24, 2010

China Must Grow GM Crops; Keeping Tabs; Fields of Italy; Earth Needs More From Less; Do Facts Matter?

August 18, 2010

A Brave Italian Farmer; French Have It All Wrong; Gene Theft by a Plant; Turkey Braces for GM; Patents in Europe

August 17, 2010

Judging Sugar Beet; French Destroy GM Vine; Politics Trumping Science; Bookshelf; Feeding the World; Culinary Luddites

August 10, 2010

Italian GM Field Destroyed;Why Africa Should Not Rule Out GM; Attack of the Giant Killer Canola:Trans Fat-Free Soybean Oil

August 9, 2010

Much Ado About Canola; Heralding Next Cotton Revolution; Golden rice by 2012; Engine of Economic Mobility; Only Way Out of Imbroglio

August 5, 2010

Beyond the World Cup in S. Africa; Glorious State of Sheer Lunacy; EU Nationalization; Eco-Skepticism Is In Order

August 3, 2010

Excessive Regulation; US Farmers for Sanctions Against EU; Dear PM, Lift the Moratorium; How to Feed a Hungry World

July 23, 2010

Science-Phobia Killing Green Revolution; Solution to Climate Change; GM OK with Halal; Science, Communication, Aid and Diplomacy

July 22, 2010

Veering Away from Populism; Let Them Eat Heirlooms; Low-Level Presence; Overhyping the Organic

July 15, 2010

Opposing Principle; Need to Know or Right to Know; Toxin-free Castor; Italian GM Rebels; When ideas have sex; Safety of GM Trees

July 13, 2010

European Commission Chickens Out; Nations Call for Fairer Access; Indian Scientist Reviews the Moratorium; Looking at Organic Claims

July 12, 2010

EU Overhaul of GM Policy - Back to the Countries; Fussy Eaters - What's Wrong With GM Food? Hunger Atlas; Glowing Crops

July 2, 2010

Political Will Needed; Super Rice; He Says/She Says; Bias Infects The Gray Lady; Seawater Farming; India’s Tryst with GM Crop

June 29, 2010

EU Deadlocked, Again; Tomato's Fountain of Youth; UK Times - GM Crops Are Good for People and The Planet

June 28, 2010

How Risky Is It, Really? Europeans Keep Talking; Judging the Facts; Healthy Eating; Champion of Healthy Eating; Philippine Eggplant

June 24, 2010

Court Puts Alfalfa Back in USDA; China Talks Biotech; Split Approvals and Hot Potatoes; Food Ethics; Organic Not 'Greener'

June 21, 2010

Alfalfa Win at Supreme Court; Delivering the Promise; Wake Up and Smell the Coffee; African Safety Drill; One Hungry Planet

June 18, 2010

How Frankenfood Prevailed; Reviving the American Chestnut; Kenya's GM Law to Go Live; Making Good Science Decisions

June 16, 2010

World Food Prize for Hunger Fighters; Reducing Global Warming Via Clover; Matt Ridley, the Rational Optimist

June 14, 2010

Right to choose in Haiti; Boosting rice photosynthesis; Fertilizer-free corn?

June 10, 2010

Bt maize & HIV; Africa could feed itself; Collagen from GM tobacco

June 9, 2010

Unexpected support for biotechnology; Success with cisgenics; Scientist's plea

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