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April 3, 2007

Bt maize crops delivering benefits in Europe; Research into foods to enhance health; Romania, EU lose out over GM soy muddle; Biotechnology an important tool in feeding growing populations; Policies Keep Africa in the Dark; Industry opposes plan to grow GM rice in Kansas; Purple carnation to be made available to gardeners

April 2, 2007

People 'empowerment' through biotechnology; Will biotechnology replace nitrogen fertilizer?; Cultivating a debate on GM crops; Ghana To Have Science, Technology Fund; Bacteriophage for Salmonella

April 1, 2007

ECOWAS Ministers Agree on Biotechnology Plan; Plan to fight spurious BT cotton seeds; Brown-bag seed sales are illegal; Science wizards chosen for fair; Britain's funniest April Fool's jokes; Ireland to Host International Ag-Biotech Conference

March 31, 2007

Ag Committee Kills Bill to Ban GM Taro; Ghana: Call for Agriculture Modernization; The Seeds for Folate Enrichment; Experts evaluate GM crops for the Developing World; Peas to combat infectious diseases

March 30, 2007

Kenyans Ready to Embrace GMOs; Can world bump cotton yield again?; Three years later, no GMOs likely here; Lies, damn lies and statistics; Muslim Perspectives on Genetic Modification; CropBiotech Update

March 29, 2007

Kim Chance wrong on GM food safety concerns; Does opposition to GM crops hurt the poor?; Marked increase of GM plantings in France; Structure revealed of gateways to gene control

March 28, 2007

USDA Clarifies Policy on Genetically Engineered Material; NCGA Advises Growers on New Biotech Trait; S. Korean gov't orders labelling of GMO products; Green-tinted spectacles

March 28, 2007

Harvesting perfection; No food vs. fuel debate with cellulosic ethanol; Proteins That Direct Plant Growth; Planting Deadline Looms For RR Alfalfa

March 26, 2007

Three GM oilseed rapes authorised; ICAR reconfirms higher yield of Bt cotton; The Seed Race; Latest book on Bt-cotton in India; Seedless Fruits Make Others Needless

March 23, 2007

Safe Protein in Clearfield 131 Rice Seed; Brazil allows genetically modified imports; Brazil Delays Vote on Gene-Altered Crop; Strong grower support for end to GM crops ban; Anti-hay fever GMO rice; Cheese bacteria fight off viral attacks; Virus Gene Confers Disease Resistance in Fescue

March 22, 2007

Norman Borlaug Approaches 93; Corn seed availability limited; Online Database for Corn Growers; 'Green' Corn Project Funded; Iran to boost biotech research; Gene-Age training, tools for teachers; Drought-tolerant GM crops stalled

March 21, 2007

Time to try the forbidden fruit; Sabah backs devt of biotech sector; EU withdraws approval for five "old" GMO crops; 60 years' experience of propagating wheat seed; Calling All Supporters of Science-Based Regulation

March 20, 2007

AgBioView Special: Five Years of Bt Cotton In India - BioSpectrum

March 20, 2007

NDSU releases transgenic soybean variety; France adopts disputed EU laws on GMO crops; Surprising secrets of Frankenstein farm; GM Fish Illegally Smuggled into Germany; Malaria-Resistant Mosquitoes; Romania's GMO dilemma

March 19, 2007

Maize Coexistence Tested in Germany; Monsanto working on drought-tolerant GM cotton; A Manifesto European Union Must Read; China to quadruple agri-biotech spending; Choose Which Rights to Violate; Moonshine Lullaby On organic liquors

March 18, 2007

Genetic seeds set to lift cotton output; Monsanto to deprive bt cotton transgenic technology from China; ABA clarifies position on biotech wheat; State won't help us, says GM wheat firm; Genetically modified crops should be legal

March 16, 2007

EFSA statement on MON 863 maize; China To Increase Spending On Agricultural Biotechnology; Mexico Closes Border to U.S. GM Rice; EU may change environment requirements for farmers; To subsidize actual food; Kill The Frankenstein Myth

March 15, 2007

MON863: Nothing New Nor Dangerous; Why Do Cattle Die Eating Bt Cotton Plants?; EU may miss "invisible revolution"; BT cotton cultivation unlikely this summer

March 14, 2007

Ban on genetic alfalfa could hurt; Hawaii Seed Crop Industry is Technology Incubator for Agriculture Worldwide; Agricultural Productivity in the United States; The role of agricultural biotechnology in hunger and poverty alleviation; Global Ocean Sampling Expedition; Let Them Eat Precaution: Nearly Sold Out

March 13, 2007

Green Biotechnology Manifesto; Federal judge halts planting of genetically engineered alfalfa; Ethanol boom fuels shortage of some seeds; RP-based rice institute gets funding boost; NSF Biologists develop large gene dataset for rice plant; Despite buzz on bees, experts disagree on seriousness of problem; Zimbabwe runs out of maize

March 12, 2007

GM: A healthy debate; USDA tries to block planting of popular rice; Catching up with cloning; Deadly Organic Spinach; A Year Later, Organic Just Mild, Not Hot; Genetically Modified Crops; Seeking better biotech 'yields'; In Punjab village, everyone loves BT; and more.

March 10, 2007

USDA Update for Rice Industry; GM crops get a subsidy boost; Biotech drives new products, techniques; Cloning, biotech issues puzzle consumers

March 9, 2007

Weed Resistance Risk Assessment; Plants' management of nutrient; Biotech regulations of the European Union stall agricultural improvements in developing countries; Modified crops help reduce greenhouse gases; Wife of Norman Borlaug dies at age 95; Judging their 'greenness'

March 8, 2007

Colombia approves GM corn; Possible seed approval in Brazil; Biotech Crops Help World's Farmers 'Go Green'; Sustainability, not organic, should be goal; Doubled sugar content in sugarcane; Open Your Mind to Cloned Food; and more.

March 7, 2007

The Bollworm Never Went Away; GM seeds blowing in the wind; Activists’ Deafening Silence; European organic logo; Biotech profiting Iowa; Statement on CL131 Rice Seed, and more.

March 6, 2007

Zambia Can Reap from Biotech; Human Rice; Human Trial; Turning Cysts Into Cancers; Clandestine Ones of the GM

March 2, 2007

EU - the Epicenter of GM Opposition; Rice With High Antioxidants; Seeds for the Future; Danforth Center Gets $25 Million

March 1, 2007

European Inertia; Not Much Difference; Asian Decade; People, Plants and Genes; Eco-Freaks; No Crop Circles in GM Fields

February 27, 2007

'Operation Cremate Monsanto'; Grow GM or Face Strife; Europe Impedes Progress; Biotech fuels; Whole Foods v. Whole Earth

February 22, 2007

German GM Plantings Up; Biotech in Your Fuel Tank; Gene Deletor; Organics Cost the Earth; More Right Than Wrong

February 20, 2007

Pakistan OKs GM Bill; No Stringent Biosafety Please; Crusader Lacks Credibility; Harm of Hysteria; Impact on Rural Economies

February 13, 2007

Roses are Blue, Violets are Red; Will Mexico Get GM Corn?; Blame Game; Charitable Greenpeace?; Fit Between Organic and Pharma Crops

February 9, 2007

Healthful Veggies and Fruits; No Ill Effects; Food vs. Fuel; UC Facts on Coexistence; Denied Profits for Farmers

February 7, 2007

Against All Our Interests; One in Ten Million;Amaizing Grace; Local Heroes in Africa; Do Not Hamper Progress

February 1, 2007

Rights to Field Testing; Indian Bt Cotton, Farmer Suicides, GM-Free Village; Bowing to a New God; Saving Banana; Hot Air on Labeling;

January 29, 2007

Urgent - Your Support for Scientific Field Testing of GM Crops in India!

January 29, 2007

EU Farmers Losing Out; Reducing Greenhouse Gases; Frankenfood Redux; Gene Mission Lobbyism; eRiceCooker

January 22, 2007

Record Planting - 252 M acres in 22 countries; GM Fears a Pile of Crop; Udder Madness; Frost Damage Remedy Thwarted

January 17, 2007

Hungary Too Emotional; Out of Bounds; Spain GM Corn Up; Splicing for Safety; We've Never Had It So Good

January 12, 2007

When in Drought, Think GM; Parallel Biopolitical Universes; Advantage in Argentina; GM Food has Low IQ!

January 8, 2007

Flat-Earth Brigade; Perfect Potato; Minister Dishes Dirt on Organic; Closing Markets to Biotech; Bunch of Losers

January 3, 2007

Answer to Poverty and Hunger; Super Peanuts Funded; Dreaming of a GM Christmas; Mad Cow Breakthrough; Innovation in Africa; Targeting Freedom

December 23, 2006

Public Good or Private Gain?; Vote Against Sound Science; Modifying Minds; Ecologist for Biotech; Monster, Marvel, or Misunderstood?

December 20, 2006

Get the Truth Out; Impact Worldwide; Living Off Rats; Fighting Famine; Watch for Absolutists; End of Eden

December 18, 2006

Epic Struggle Between Progress and Fear; Failure of Hope; EFSA Wants to Your Input; Allergen Risk Assessment; Deep Dislike for Hysteria

December 13, 2006

Hope for Africa; Anti-GM & Amazon Deforestation; Doubling the Corn Yield; Un-appetizing Regulations; Honoring an Icon; Preventing Paranoia

December 12, 2006

Voodoo Science, Not Common Sense; Easing Hunger; Africa in the Middle; Greenpeace in Red, Cuts Jobs

December 9, 2006

Filling Tomorrow's Rice Bowl; O Frankentree; Transgenes Gone Wild; Ethical Food, Good Food?

December 8, 2006

US Congress Says Yes; Disregarding Precautionary Principle; Another "Green Revolution"; Biotech Crops are a Boon; GM Mustard

December 6, 2006

African Farmer; No Ban in India; Innovative Potato; Adaptable Wheat; Regulatory Revolution; Greenpeace's Fake Queen

December 5, 2006

Honoring Norman; It is Safe; Managing HIV in Africa; Avoiding Famines; Fighting Banana Wilt; U.N. Menu; Fat Chicken

November 30, 2006

You've Got to Embrace the Technology; Future Thanksgiving; Age of Frankenfuels; Top Green Campaigners

November 29, 2006

Let Them Eat Cake; Allergen Free Nuts; Scientist to Humanitarian; Inexorable Advance of GM; Crichton Targets Biotech

November 27, 2006

Alarmists Block Solutions; Greatest Living American; Natural Romanticism Yields Misery; Scientists Without Borders

November 22, 2006

Bureaucratic Bungling Bedevils Biotech; A Civil Discourse; Got Cotton?; Emperor's New Clothes; Rethinking Policy; Plantes transgéniques

November 20, 2006

AgBioView Special: 'Cisgenic' as a Product Designation - Nature Biotechnology Debate

November 16, 2006

Unnecessary Alarmists; Illegal Discrimination Against Biotech; Bt Mystery; IFT on Organic Food; Science's Bad Public Image

November 14, 2006

Food Aid; Block Technology to Ruin Agriculture; Every Tool in the Toolbox;Tomatoes Against Drought; Abandoning Science

November 10, 2006

No Way to Protest; Europe Study - GM OK; Biotech Unzipped; Overregulated and Underappreciated; Enviro Fog Calculus

November 6, 2006

Tony Blair on GM; Vocalism to Vandalism; German Academy Statement; Omnivore's Dilemma

November 2, 2006

Silence is Not an Option; Tony Blair on GM; Defending Grapevine; Berlin Group; Growing Greener Greens; Crumbling euro

October 30, 2006

Refusing to Go Forward; Common Challenges, Shared Vision; Destroying Rice Trials; Rifkin - Modern Lysenko?

October 26, 2006

Holy See Debate; Delaying Technology; Nobel Ignores Plants; Irritable Bowel; Pusztai Analyzed; Biotech & the Human Soul

October 25, 2006

Exaggerating the Risks; Mexico's Backward Step; The Smart Choice; India's Supreme Court

October 24, 2006

Do We Need GM Crops?; Golden Genes; Certainty of No Harm; Sprouting Evergreen Revolution; Co-existence

October 23, 2006

Elitism about Biotech; Rice War; You Say Tomato; Stone Age to Green Era; Biotech Reality and Rhetoric; Attacking Gates

October 17, 2006

Tragedy of Hunger; Export Risks from GM; US Ag Institute?; Horsch to Gates Foundation; Attack of GM Chickens

October 16, 2006

Force-Feeding Social Responsibility; Vegetable-Industrial Complex; Green Revolutionaries; Peaceful Coexistence; Spinach is Bad

October 12, 2006

Global GM Doubling Next Decade; Coexistence Petition; Come Out of Your Lab; Parallel Universes; African Banana Plague

October 10, 2006

Quest to End Hunger; Biotech Pioneers Win Prize; Indian PM Backs GM; In The Name of Nature

October 4, 2006

Australians Told to Lift Ban; Uncomfortable Genes; UN Food Summit; Brazil Soy Now 50% GM; Taming Peanut Allergy

October 2, 2006

WTO Final Ruling - EU's Biotech Ban Illegal; Controlling Insects; Vitamin A Boost; Gene switch for drought-resistance; Pharming in Denmark

September 29, 2006

Bt Brinjal in India; Second generation Bt cotton; India eyes bumper cotton harvest; Agriculture chief urges farmers to use biotech

September 28, 2006

Spinach Raises Questions of Manure on Food Crops; Root-knot nematode resistance; Gene crops bloom in South Africa

September 27, 2006

GM Crops Saving Farms from Drought; Golden Rice in 3 Years; Beta-carotene-rich Maize; Increase of Biotechnology in India

September 25, 2006

E. coli also a concern for home gardeners; Bug-resistant bananas; GM cotton in Burkina Faso

September 22, 2006

Borlaug: New Day for Smallholder Agriculture; Iowa seeks manure ban; Beating blight with biotechnology; GM: A decade of GM possibilities

September 21, 2006

French Farmers Protest Attacks on GMOs; Earthbound Silent About E. coli; Saludsod ken Sungbat Maipapan Kadagiti; Drought Tolerance Research

September 20, 2006

Deadly bacteria may be in, not on, spinach; Environmental Heresies; Favorable EU ruling on GMO canola?

September 19, 2006

When Spinach Is Bad For You; 21 reasons not to waste your money on organic; GM Flowers in Europe?

September 18, 2006

Sinister Spinach; EU votes on GM canola seed approval; Less Thirsty Plants

September 17, 2006

Organic Spinach Company Faces Unwelcome Scrutiny; EU: Biotech rice illegal but likely safe; The breeder's dilemma - yield or nutrition?

September 15, 2006

Biotech rice unlikely to pose risk; EFSA’s GMO Panel reply on GM rice LLRICE601; GE soybeans spur crop increase

September 14, 2006

Organic Cheats; US long-grain rice is safe; GM banana plants resist disease; Europe close to allowing GM canola event

September 12, 2006

Decade Ahead; What's New; Pioneer Donates Field Trial Damage Money; Rice Domestication; Liability of Spurning Biotech

September 8, 2006

Bogus Furor over GM Rice; Regulated Rice; Zero Tolerance is the Problem; USDA moves to deregulate controversial Bayer rice

September 7, 2006

Dr. Borlaug's Wheat in the First world; French Protesters; Future Crops Technology; Roundup-Ready alfalfa

September 6, 2006

The Man Who Fed the World; Brazilian Scientist Speaks Out on GMO Crops; The Meaning of Organic

September 4, 2006

Drought-tolerance; Stress Tolerance; President for promoting GM crops; Corn sufficiency with expansion of hybrid, Bt corn areas

September 1, 2006

You Want Fries with Chemicals?; Biotech Forests; No Threat to Rice; Challenging Anti-GM; Incurable Optimist

August 30, 2006

Rice Breakthrough; Spilling the Beans; Killer Tomatoes; What Inspired You?; Anti-GM gloaters; Herbicides in Your Tummy?

August 28, 2006

California Votes for Progress; Mexico Approves GM Corn Planting; Diving Into the Gene Pool; Biotech Revolution For Africa

August 24, 2006

Asia Ready for Biotech Rice; Silver Responds to Critic; Marker-Free Golden Rice; British Bonkers Over Potatoes; Drought-Tolerant Crops

August 22, 2006

Fruitcakes Spoil Biotech Foods; Puffed Rice; Everyday Beliefs; No Quick Fix Please; Crop of Questions

August 21, 2006

We are the New Greens; Rice Safe; Protecting Chickens from Deadly Virus; Greenie Nonsense; BioVision 2007

August 18, 2006

Andean Farmers Ready for GM Potato; Africa Must Sow Green Revolution; Ethanol Can Make You Hungry

August 16, 2006

World Bank to Evaluate Biotech Food; Saber Rattler; Vino Sans Headache; Sold - Delta & Pine Land; Drought Loving Wheat

August 14, 2006

High Priests of Disinformation; Africa Must Move On; German Greens Rage Over Gene-Maize; Genetic Illiterates

August 11, 2006

Fizzle and Dud - Sounds of Backlash; Fist Fight in Mall; This Ain't Farming, It's Madness; Saving California

August 10, 2006

Penn Jillette's Hero; Waterproofing the Rice; Questioning Cornell Study; Biased Future of Food; Red in Tooth and Claw; Radical Ambitions

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