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April 19, 2004

GM Soy Saved Argentina Farmers; Mesoamericans Love GM Corn: EU Still Bans GM; Seed are No Drugs; Losing a Valuable New Technolog; Death by Environmentalism

April 18, 2004

No Peace When People are Hungry; Good Biotech - Bad Biotech; GM Rice is Good for India; Weed Worries; EU's Draconian Labeling Rule

April 16, 2004

Kofi Annan Congratulates Dr. Borlaug; Reflections on Earth Day; Biotechnology in West Africa; EU Biotech Labeling; Brazil labels GM food; 'Organic Food' Debate

April 15, 2004

Bush, Gore and Science; PR Fails in Australia; German GM Test; EU Open for Business: Stricter GM Labelling

April 13, 2004

Converting Europe; Protectionism, Not Science; Preventing Fatal Birth Defects with Bt Corn; Introducing GM into Crop Centers of Origin; Biotech Myths and Facts

April 12, 2004

Consumer, the King; Controversial Grass; Assessing Safety; Resisting Anti-GM Lobby; Unwise, Unscientific, & Unnecessary Regulation; Rat Genes in Our Children; World Needs DDT; Self-interested Science

April 10, 2004

Alert! - Send Your Input to USDA/APHIS; Death By Regulation; Food Phobias - Behind the Fuss; Sweden OKs GM Potato; Explaining Biotech to the Public; Adventitious Presence

April 8, 2004

Crushing Cost of Regulation; Low Biotech In Third World; Science Vandalism; UN Prize; Low Trust for Activists; Trace-Amounts Policy; Sex, Lies and Anti-GM Rubbish

April 7, 2004

Open Letter to the Victoria - Australian Premier; European GM Labeling Legislation; Why Bt Cotton Pays for Small-Scale Producers in South Africa; Fear behind GMO debate

April 6, 2004

Indian firm develops GM hybrids; UC studies genetically engineered alfalfa; Plants may have future in industrial cleanups

April 5, 2004

Angola's state-managed food crisis; Food Aid Fears not about GM ; Vic farmers protest against GM bans; PROVE CLAIMS, SCIENTISTS DARE ANTI-GMO ACTIVIST

April 3, 2004

Norman Borlaug's Quest; Letting Them Eat Cake in Angola; India Approves More Bt Cotton; African Scientists Make Great Strides

April 2, 2004

Australian Loss of Innovation; Europe Votes for Paralysis; GM Maize to Double in SA; Jennifer Thomson; IFPRI Report

April 1, 2004

Norman Conquest; Bayer's Decision; Biotech Crop Usage Surges; India Produces Homegrown GM Cotton; New Labeling Rules

March 31, 2004

GM Ban Threatens Angola Food Aid; Biotech Crop Area Increasing; MAURITIUS ADOPTS GMO BILL; Bayer decides against GM crop cultivation in the UK; USDA and the Peterkin Papers

March 30, 2004

World Food Prize for African and Chinese Rice Breeders ; The God Effect; Hungry Angolans Deprived Food; Sowing Seeds of Doubt; Big Green Lies

March 28, 2004

It's Science, Not Religion; What's in Store for Biotech?; India Bt Cotton Scores High; Piracy on the High Plains; Eco-Politics and Language; Science & Society at Cross Roads; Politics of Green Revolution

March 26, 2004

Kudos to Borlaug; Man Who Defused the "Bomb"

March 25, 2004

Tony Blair Salutes Borlaug; Readers Send Kudos, Poetry; Seed of Hope for Africa; Global Challenges & Directions; Aussie State Shoots Itself in the Foot; Choking on Pesticides

March 24, 2004


March 24, 2004

The Legend Turns 90: Happy Birthday Dr. Borlaug; Celebrating the Life of a Great Humanitarian; Web Resource on Borlaug; Rap Song; Notable Quotes; Multimedia Link

March 22, 2004

Deploring Corn Allergy Claims; Sowing Seeds of Discontent; Unlocking Genetic Diversity for Poor; Another 'Zambia' in Making?; Testing Food Allerginicity; Origin of the Term "Green Revolution"?

March 19, 2004

Defining GM; UK Turns to Facts & Reason; Prof. Traavik Responds to Criticism; Bt Spray Problems; Media-Friendly Scientists; Tobacco Fights Cancer; Regulation of Food & Traceability

March 18, 2004

Show Me the Money Trail; Corporate 'Control'; Australian Drama; Cleaning Contaminated Ground; Biotech & Green Revolution - Borlaug Speak Up

March 17, 2004

Cynicism, Greed And Mistrust; GM Against Global Warming

March 16, 2004

GM Food is Good; Defending GM Sweet Potato; English GM Garden; Keeping the Peasants Poor; Greenies Force Out a Company; India Debates; Eco-terrorist Arrested; Ugly 'GMO'

March 12, 2004

Price of Environmentalism; Purity, What Purity?; UK Chatter; World Hunger and Biotech; How China Will Feed Itself; Green Revolution, Peace, and Humanity

March 11, 2004

Borlaug on Mexican Corn; GM Ain't New; Bulgaria Say Yes; Brits See the Light; Biotech for the Poor, Too; Flower Power; Drugs In My Corn Flakes?; Epidemic of Dishonesty

March 10, 2004

UK Farmers Get GM Go-ahead; Norwegian Scientist's Claims Doubtful; GM Crops' Vital Role

March 9, 2004

BMA Statement on GM Food Welcomed; Uganda to Allow GM; Intellectual Property

March 9, 2004

UK Approves GM Maize; British Medical Authority Behind GM Decision

March 8, 2004

Open Letter to Terje Traavik; GM maize less harmful to wildlife; Brazil: The new breadbasket

March 6, 2004

Biosafety Protocol, Cartagena, LMOs, Biodiversity, & Precautionary Principle: Understanding Risks; Science and Ethics; Mendocino Lessons

March 5, 2004

UK Cabinet Green Light; Pros and Cons; Success in Science; $$ for Global Crop Diversity; Rationale of Environmental Direct Action

March 4, 2004

Lexus Parts in Yugo; Science & World's Poor; Ecology Society Chips In; Outrageous Claims by Traavik; Cartagena Meet; CGIAR & Hunger; "Organic" Water?

March 2, 2004

Uganda Approves GM; Caliornia H-Bomb; Biosafety Protocol; Confident Consumers

March 1, 2004

UCS study; Consumers Love Frankenfood; EU Clears GM Rapeseed; Perfect Rice Plant

February 27, 2004

GM Rapeseed in EU; More GM Crops Worldwide; UN Measures; BioEvolution

February 26, 2004

Hormesis; GM Britain; Organic Debate; Questions for Foodphobes; GM Rules

February 25, 2004

Poverty Merchant; Mendocino County; Asian Rice Crisis; GM in China; GMO Maize

February 24, 2004

China OKs GM Imports; Manila Rejects Health Findings; Golden Rice; Enhanced Animal Feed

February 23, 2004

California Fruits and Nuts; Norman Borlaug; GM Maize in UK; Battle in the EU

February 20, 2004

UK Farmer Welcomes GM; Opposition Exaggerated; Gene Flow Overstated; China OKs GM Soy; Poor Nations Take the Lead

February 19, 2004

EU Won't Lift Ban; UK Will Go Ahead; Germany Lambasted; Debate to Continue

February 18, 2004

Bt Helps Indian Farmers; End to GM Ban: Conservation Tillage; Sierra Club in Trouble

February 17, 2004

GM Food in East; Bioconfinement Baloney; Green Fascism; Prince of Wails

February 16, 2004

Poles to Lift Ban; Green Blindness; GM in Germany; GM Beer!

February 13, 2004

Brazil Farmers Fight for GMOs; GMOs in Europe; High-tech Ag in Malaysia

February 12, 2004

25th Nobel Prize Winner Supports AgBioWorld; GM Corn in Spain; Stopping the Real Pests

February 11, 2004

Biotech and Africa; Saving Billions; Invisible Wealth; APEX Panel

February 10, 2004

GM in Organic Food; Global Cooling; New Cultural Imperialism; Green Myths

February 4, 2004

Beware the Eco-Imperialists; Let Them Eat Precaution; No consensus on GMOs

February 3, 2004

Europe Must Catch Up; Grain of Hope; Pinker on GM Fears; India & Pakistan Say GM; Food Forecasts; Risky Business of Risk; Safety, Law, and the Environment

February 2, 2004

Cartagena Protocol; Beyond Human Control?; Activist gets Borlaug Award; Are We Too Risk Averse?; Don't Eliminate the Expert; Threats to Scientific Credibility

February 1, 2004

Brazil Farmers Fight for GMOs; GMOs in Europe; High-tech Ag in Malaysia

January 30, 2004

Winning Public Confidence; Making Sense of the Debate for Africa; Healthier French Fry; Is the World Social Forum relevant?; Blank Slate - Denial of Human Nature

January 29, 2004

Crops Behaving Badly?; Liability in the Zero Tolerance Era; GM Beer; Sticking to Sound Science; Freeze Tolerance; Trusting Science; Patent Policy & Africa

January 28, 2004

Learning from NGOs; Fear of Patents; Facts and Science; Influencing Consumer Attitudes; Biological Containment; Busting the Myth

January 27, 2004

Patent Nonsense; Containing Modified Reporting; Ecomyth - Challenging the Dogma of Greens; Innovation and Public Policy; Morally Bankruptcy; Talking to Patrick Moore

January 26, 2004

Global Moral War; Maori View; Waste of Time & Money; Nano's 'No GMO' Mantra; Rescuing Papaya by Science; Eco-Socialism's Threat to Liberty; Taste of Our Own Poison

January 23, 2004

Benbrook's pesticide claims; Percy Schmeiser; UK: No Case for GM Ban; More Canola Approved

January 22, 2004

Organic farming; African potential; Lessons Boost Understanding; Eco-imperialism

January 21, 2004

Don't Pity Poor Percy; New Green Revolution; Mad Cow and Madder Organic

January 20, 2004

Voting for Science; Germany; Percy Schmeiser; Open Letter to UK Government

January 20, 2004

Researchers Urge Science-based Approach for British Policy on GM Crops

January 19, 2004

Salt-resistant Rice, GM in Germany and UK, Poor Nations Take Lead

January 16, 2004

Chancellor's Changing Stance; Europe's Economic Consequences; GM Storm in Colombia; Dangerous Liaisons; Perils of the Precautionary Principle; Who Benefits from Food Scares?; Eco-Imperialism Meet in NY

January 15, 2004

Debate Is No Referendum; Non Existent Allergy; Gordon Conway; HIV & Hunger; Futile Labeling; Natural Killers in Food; Defeding Globalization; Studying Risk

January 14, 2004

Global Acerage of GM Crops Up; Britain May Soon Plant GM; Brazil - Hazards of GM Fears; Mad Cow Scare & GM Crops - De Ja Vu

January 12, 2004

GM Foods? Yes; Germans Getting Ready; Pakistan Pleads for Bt Cotton; No Pristine Nature; Healthy Corn; Suman Sahai's Book; Poverty of Reason; Davos and Bombay Forums

January 10, 2004

GM Increases Pesticide Use?; Miracle of US Agriculture; Over-Regulation of Innovation; Better Banana; Patrick Moore; Ends and Means; Environmental Colonialism

January 6, 2004

GM Game Plan; Ethicists Speak Up; Public Opinion vs. Public Policy; Deadly War Against Frankenfood; Michael Crichton on Environmentalism

December 31, 2003

Altered Life for Brazil's Farmers; Regulatory Mess in

December 29, 2003

Moral Duty to Fund GM Research - Nuffield Council's Blunt Message; Helping African Food Supply; Spanish Farmers Prudent; Mopping City Mess; High Tech Harvest; Indian Meet

December 26, 2003

Fearing New Foods; Molding Public Opinion; Societal Issues and Public Attitudes; Biotechnology for Africa?; Global Food Security Challenges; Monsanto's Vision of Biotech

December 25, 2003

Filipino Farmers Welcome Bt Corn; Chapela Tenure; What's With GM in India; Latin Bioinformatics; Poor Manís Hero; Scientific Ignorance Dooms Democracy

December 24, 2003

Momentous Year; Let Africa Make Up Its Own Mind; Science Must Not Be Stifled; Patent Nonsense; Knowledge-Based Economy; Scientific Community Backs Agbiotech

December 12, 2003

Eco-Myths and Reality; GMO Studies; Economic Benefits; Papayas in Hawaii; Developing Countries

December 11, 2003

EU Biotech Dance; Misleading Report; African Farmers; Pesticides in Organic Produce

December 10, 2003

Indian scientists unveil protein-rich rice; Nine billion people by 2300

December 9, 2003

World Turning to GMO; EU Deadlock; Europe Lagging Behind US; Golden Rice

December 8, 2003

africabiotech.com, Europe Fails to Lift Ban, GM Sugar Beet More Environmentally Friendly, OECD urges better communication

December 5, 2003

European Agency Calls Biotech Corn Safe; Tapping the Potential of Biotech

December 4, 2003

Contamination of Minds; Anti-Intellectualism; Promise for Europe; Labeling - Who Wins?; Rewarding Innovators; Save CGIAR From Dying; Environmentalism or Individualism?

December 2, 2003

Biotech Food and AIDS; Asking Wrong Questions; Beans and Bras; Calculating the Risk; Triticale Story; Tampering with Nature or Tinkering with the Truth?

December 1, 2003

Empowering Rice to Fight Poverty; Moral High Ground on Africa; Vox Populi and Public Policy; Food Safety in Third World; Globalisation Myths; Economic Benefits

November 30, 2003

Biotech Thanksgiving; Poverty of Truth; Danish Report; Radical

November 26, 2003

Out of Africa; Traceability and Labelling Mess; Hawaii Law Suit Controversy; Media Coverage of AgBiotech; Great Threat to Africa's Future

November 25, 2003

UK Debate; Opponents Should "stand trial"; World Hunger Grows;

November 21, 2003

Ford Foundation; African Gap; Brazil & India; GM in Germany; Eco-Imperialism

November 20, 2003

African Battleground on GM; Engineering a Gene Revolution; Fact N

November 19, 2003

Paying for Superstition; Golden Steel Rice; Questionable Science;

November 18, 2003

UK Crop Trials - Can Birds, Weeds and Crops Coexist?; Med

November 18, 2003

AGBIOVIEW SPECIAL: UK Crop Trials - Can Birds, Weeds and Crops Coexist?; Med

November 14, 2003

AgBioView of Nov 14: Why Biotech Advocates Lose Public Debates ;

November 14, 2003

Radio Netherlands; GM Corn and Livestock; UK Scientists React;

November 12, 2003

Vatican Mulls GM & the Poor; GM Tiggers Low Pesticide Sales; Savi

November 11, 2003

Your Input Needed on UK's Biotech; Analyzing FSE; Defending Natur

November 10, 2003

Vatican Talks Biotech; Starlink Fizzle; Witch Hunters; Making Up

November 9, 2003

Moving Society Forward; Supporting Science; Future of GM in Europ

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