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March 19, 2001




Dear Colleagues,

In this letter on their web page, Starbucks said that it will be seeking
out non-GM food substitutes and will be phasing out use of rBST milk in
response to anti-biotech, organic food activists who have pressured the

Check out the link below and click on the front page to see the position


We are joining with some other non-profits to question Starbucks on their
announcement. People on this list may want to send in their own letters in
protest of Starbucks' cave-in.

Frances B. Smith
Executive Director
Consumer Alert
Phone: 202-467-5809

Date: Mar 20 2001
From: "Andura Smetacek"
Subject: Starbucks Caving In

Isn't it ironic that the same groups which have taken credit for looting
Starbucks home town of Seattle, including vandalism of several Starbucks
stores, have been able to successfully lobby Starbucks to join in their
food fear campaign and remove biotech milk from their stores. What
message does that send to the the victims of these terrorists and the
consumers upon whose fears they prey.

For example, The Institute for Agriculture Trade Policy's Mark Ritchie,
who is on the board of one of the groups lobbying Starbucks, was host to
eco-terrorist Jose Bove during the Seattle WTO
conference. Mr. Ritchie conveniently also runs a for-profit organic
coffee company which competes with Starbucks. At an event sponsored by Mr.
Ritchie's group, Bove called upon attendees to loot supermarkets of
suspect products. Convenient result: millions in
damage including several Starbucks vandalised.

Earlier that week Bove incited protestors to start the Seattle riots at an
event promoted by Ritchie's organizers in front of a local McDonalds --
which, of course, was sacked. This was the first incident of violence and
property damage which set off a week of
rioting and vandalism in Seattle.

As noted below, Mr. Ritchie's group and Sustain (another one of the groups
lobbying Starbucks) are also linked to the radical Earth First
organization. Shame on Starbucks for so quickly folding to this
protection racket.


Date: 15 Mar 2001
From: Mary Murphy
Subject: IATP Terrorists

I just found this on another list. Apparently organizations sponsored by
the IATP (The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy) are using the
same mailbox as eco-terrorists from Earth First!

Just when I thought I'd heard it all ...


Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 18:39:50 -0800
Reply-to: Conspiracy Theory Research List
From: John Wallace


IATP, SUSTAIN and project GEAN (Ge Action Network) use the same mail drop
as radical Earth First! group.

Organizers of the Keep Organic Campaign
(http://www.saveorganic.org/home.shtml), who lobby to prevent the use of
biotechnology in organic production are using the same post-office drop
box as the radical Earth First! organization.

Sustain USA is run by organic advocate Jim Slama, who has registered an
anti-biotech organizing web site, http://www.geaction.org, to the same
address (a mail drop at Chicago Lock Box) as is noted for the mailing
address for the Chicago arm of Earth First.

The address for both is:

3400 W 111th Street, #154,
Chicago, IL 60655

In addition, the GEaction.org campaign notes their contact information on
their web site to be Renske van Staveren, a staffer with the
Minneapolis-based Institute for Agriculture Trade Policy (IATP).

IATP (The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy)

IATP (http://www.iatp.org) claims to be a non-profit agriculture, trade
and democracy group and is run by pro-organic eco-activist Mark Ritchie.
Ritchie is also on the corporation filing papers for the Tides Center in
San Francisco. Tides is noted for channeling
contributions from organic and natural products industry groups and other
special interest groups to specific activist groups, including hundreds of
thousands of dollars a year to scare-campaign expert Fenton
Communications, which provides public relations services to several
anti-biotech campaigns.

For tax purposes, IATP claims, "The primary purpose of the Institute for
Agriculture Trade Policy (IATP) is to research and report on issues
related to the trade and agriculture policies in an effort to educate and
involve citizens upon such issues." IATP notes multi-million dollar assets
and revenues. IATP also notes salary and wage compensation for their staff
in excess of $1 million per year.

In addition to organizing anti-biotechnology, pro-organic events and
outreach campaigns (like the biotech_activist@iatp.org listserv),
Ritchie's group also runs a for-profit organic coffee subsidiary:
Headwaters International (http://www.peacecoffee.com).


Sustain (http://www.sustainusa.org) claims to be an independent
"non-profit organization that uses innovative communications strategies to
help win environmental victories." Sustain also claims to be three
years old; however, no corporate/non-profit filing documents or required
tax filings with the name sustain can be found as having registered in the
U.S. or any related organization with the names Jim Slama or Bill Boyd,
the noted Sustain president and board chairman.


Earth First (http://www.EarthFirst.org) describes its purpose noting, "Are
you tired of namby-pamby environmental groups? Are you tired of overpaid
corporate environmentalists who suck up to bureaucrats and industry? Have
you become disempowered by the reductionist approach of environmental
professionals and scientists?... then Earth first if for you."

Earth First claims to "use all the tools in the box" to address their
issues, including "civil disobedience and monkeywrenching." Earth First
further defines "monkeywrenching" as: "ecotage; ecodefense; billboard
bandits; desurveying; road reclamation; tree spiking -- all these can be
defined as the unlawful sabotage of industrial
extraction ... as a means of striking at the Earth's destroyers at the
point where they commit their crimes."

News reports have linked Earth First! to acts of eco-terrorism and
sabotage in the U.S. and Europe ranging from property destruction to arson
costing tens of millions of dollars. The FBI is reported to be
investigating a series of arsons linked to Earth First groups. According
to One such group, the Earth Liberation Front "claims to be an offshoot of
the radical Earth First. On its Web site, it says it emerged in Brighton,
England, in 1992 through Earth Firsters who did not want to abandon the
option of criminal acts to further their environmental goals."


1. A Whois search at http://www.networksolutions.com reveals this address
for GEaction.com's administrative and technical contact, Jim Bell:

3400 W. 111th St #154
Chicago, IL 60655

2. If you go to the contact page at Earth First! and look at the Illinois
branch you will see this exact same address for Red Gate EF! The URL is

3. Now look at the this message which was posted to Mark Ritchie's IATP
listserv about an Earth First! gathering in Chicago. Scroll down to the
bottom and you'll see the same address as the one listed above.

-----Original Message-----
From: worker-ban@lists.tao.ca
To: biotech_activist@iatp.org
Sent: Wednesday, March 06, 2001

Subject: GEAN (Genetic Engineering Action Network) Chicago!

You're invited! Network forming to organize against Biotech industry in
Chicago. Red Gate Earth First! (Chicago) is helping to jump start
some actions this spring as part of GEAN Chicago! Get involved and
help plan the fun! All groups and individuals invited!

Invite activists and friends to the meeting who are interested in
fighting the GE industry. We are very excited about creating
resistance to the NABC Conference in May and the Monsanto exhibit at the
Museum of Science and Industry this fall.

See you this Thursday!

First Meeting:
March 8, 2001
411 N Wolcott, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL

Take Green Line coming from loop, Harlem line
2nd stop from loop, Ashland stop, walk 3 city blocks west

Take Green Line coming from Harlem (west), Ashland line (or)
East 63rd, Ashland stop, walk 3 city blocks west

Driving Instructions:
intersection: Wolcott / Kinzie
3 blocks south of Grand Avenue
2 blocks east of Damen Avenue


Red Gate Earth First!
Red Gate Earth First!
3400 West 111th St #154
Chicago, IL 60655

Bioengineering Action Network
pob 11331
Eugene, OR. 97440
http://www.tao.ca/~ban <http://www.tao.ca/~ban>


The IATP and other the groups mentioned above are trying to give the
impression that they are peace-loving people who want to save the world
from the dangers of genetically modified food. In truth, they are
knowingly connected to a terrorist organization which helps them spread
scare stories so they can profit off the fear that drives people to buy
overpriced organic food.

There it is in an organic nutshell. You think the FBI might be interested?