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March 1, 2001


AgBioWorld Foundation Celebrates First Anniversary with


AgBioWorld Foundation Celebrates First Anniversary with 1,000th Listserv

The AgBioWorld Foundation is pleased to announce that it will celebrate
the first birthday of the AgBioView listerv by releasing this, the 1,000th
listserv message.

It has been an interesting year for agricultural biotechnology, with many
important issues impacting the world's developing countries, and everyone
-- scientists, farmers, students -- who has participated in the AgBioView
discussion should be commended for their efforts in forming a rational,
science-based debate.

AgBioView participants have also been instrumental in answering questions
people commonly ask about agbiotech. For example, see "31 Critical
Questions In Agricultural Biotechnology" at
http://www.agbioworld.org/articles/critical.html, or "Response to GM Food
Myths" at http://www.agbioworld.org/articles/myths.html.

Over 3,000 scientists the world over have signed the AgBioWorld
Foundation's "Declaration in Support of Agricultural Biotechnology,"
including five Nobel laureates, as well as winners of other prestigous
awards such as the World Food Prize, the U.S. Presidentís National Medal
of Science and the Wolf Prize. Most recently Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder
of Greenpeace, added his support by signing the declaration.

AgBioView archives can be found at:


If anyone you know would like to receive AgBioView messages, please tell
them to visit our homepage at http://www.agbioworld.org. Then they should
simply type in their email address and click on "Join."

Thank you, everyone, for your efforts in helping bring technology to the
people who need it most -- those in the developing world. Let's hope that
this year will be as productive as the last one.


C.S. Prakash