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April 5, 2000


Correction to My Op-Ed Column in San Francisco Chronicle


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Dear Friends:

In an opinion article published in the San Francisco Chronicle on March
30th, I made reference to Cargill supporting biotechnology by not
requiring segregation of grain. This is true, but I was incorrect in
saying that
Cargill had reversed an earlier policy. In stating this past December
that it was "business as usual," Cargill was reaffirming its long standing
support of biotechnology. (For more information on Cargill's policy on
biotechnology, consult its Web site at www.cargill.com under news and
information.). I regret any confusion my statements have caused and
commend Cargill
for its continued support of science and biotechnology in food production.

C. S. Prakash

C. S. Prakash
Tuskegee University
Center for Plant Biotechnology Research
Tuskegee, AL 36088, USA