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April 3, 2000


Hearts and Minds


- http://www.agbioworld.org, http://agbioview.listbot.com

There is no doubt that those opposed to biotechnology have
up to now ìwon the warî in Japan and Western Europe for the consumersí
hearts and minds while we spend our time talking to ourselves.  The
ìbattleî must be joined both by organizing in the manner of Greenpeace
and adopting their tactics and those of some so-called NGOs.  Pubic
information is required to bring about a shift in public opinion. 
Slogans and buzzwords can be of help.  Some could be:

ìSocial justiceî and ìsolidarity,î appeal to sense of:

Global social justice and solidarity in the 21st Century must include
a sustainable food supply and clean water for all.  Biotechnology
contributes to both.

Feed all earth's multiltudes.  Biotechnology can help get us there.

Agro-ecology produces great food  - for the rich elites and highly
paid Greenpeace functionaries accountable to none.   

Organic food is great for well-heeled eco-freaks and Greenpeace, but what
about the starving and malnourished?

Photo of   malnourished African children.  There under:
ìWe donít live in Western Europe or Japan.î Support biotechnology. 

Can agro-ecology feed all (best projected population figure) of us in the
year 2050?  The answer is no.  Biotechnology can contribute to
safe and healthy food for all.   

Can you afford organic foods?  Neither can the poor, undernourished,
and starving.

Organic food is opium for the rich.  (Play on religion is opium for
the masses)

Starving and malnourished of the earth, you have nothing to loose but the
chains of the subsidized agricultural exports from the rich
countries.  Biotechnology can help break those chains and give
agriculture back to your farmers.  


Do you want nitrate free water?  Support biotechnology.


Save our ground and surface waters.  Support biotechnology.

There is no proven evidence that biotechnology and bio-diversity canít
live side by side.  Science says they can. 

Water is our most precious natural resource.  Why pollute it with
synthetic fertilizers and pesticides? GM foods reduce the need for
fertilizers and some can even produce their own pesticides. 

Psychology (irrational fear of biotechnology):

Thereís nothing to fear but fear itself.  Learn for yourself
about biotechnology.  Go
http://www.food-for-all.org/" eudora="autourl">http://www.food-for-all.http://www.food-for-all.org/" eudora="autourl">org
(factious web site and name) or write to Food for All

(Number) scientists, including (number) Nobel Prize winners, (number)
economists, (number) aid workers, (number) of agricultural
ministries,  (number) of public health authorities,  (number)
of farmersí organizations, etc. say yes to biotechnology. 
Greenpeace, Green politicians, and Greens in general say no.  Who do
you think is right?

Frankenfoods are chemical free foods.

Frankenfoods have caused no known illness or other harm to human

Frankenfoods are natural.

Frankenfoods never see DDT and reduce the need for pesticides. 

Mother Nature loves frankenfoods, because thereíre natural.

Frankenfoods last longer, can taste better, thereíre natural, and
thereíre chemical free.

  The foods at your market rot fast, often have that hot house no
taste, are not ìnatural,î and are the

  result of tons of  chemicals in pesticides and 
synthetic fertilizers.  

Frankenstein didnít need to eat.  We do.    


Better health through better food.  Biotechnology can make it

Do you want healthier foods?  Support biotechnology (never use the
term ìneutraceuticalsî- too close to pharmaceuticals which, of course,
are primarily associated with ill health, the time one turns to

Did you know that the GM food golden rice is enhanced with vitamin A and
as a result etc..?  Neither does Greenpeace and all Greens. 

There is no scientific evidence to date that GM foods harm human health,
absolutely none. Too bad Greenpeace doesn't know this. 

James Sheire