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April 2, 2000


Bt in organic production


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>Maarten Chrispeels
>Subject: Bt
>I think, but an expert can correct me, that the Bt pesticide that is used
>in the various "organic" formulations is a heat-killed Pseudomonas that
>expresses the toxin.

Dr. Chrispeels is referring to the products MVP and M-Trak from
Mycogen. They are NOT approved for use in organic prodcution.

The products listed below are the only ones containing Bt or Bt toxin
that are approved for use in organic production by the Organic
Materials Review Institute. Their list is used by most certifiers.

Please note that the word "organic" on a container does NOT mean that
it is approved for use in organic farming. Indeed, most products so
labeled are not approved.

T Bacillus thuringiensis
Agree WG Thermo Trilogy Co. toxin of ssp. aizawa
streain GC-91
Britz BT Dust Britz Fertilizers, Inc.
Clean Crop BT Sulfur 15-50 Dust United Agri-Products
Condor WP Ecogen toxin of ssp. kurtsaki strain EG2348
Cutlass WP Ecogen
Deliver Thermo Trilogy Co.
Spores of ssp. kurtsaki
DiPel 2X Valent BioSciences Corp. toxin
of ssp. kurtsaki
DiPel DF Valent BioSciences Corp. toxin
of ssp. kurtsaki
Javelin WG Thermo Trilogy Co. Spores of ssp. kurtsaki
XenTari WDG Valent BioSciences Corp. toxin of ssp. aizawa

Not that not all formulations of a product with the same brand name
are approved. Each formulation is evaluated, approved and registered
separately. Those having inert ingredients not meeting the organic
standard are excluded.

Thomas Björkman
Assoc. Professor of Vegetable Crop Physiology
Dept. of Horticultural Sciences, Cornell Univ., Geneva, NY 14456

On sabbatical through April, 2000
Dept. of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Box 951606
University of California at Los Angeles 90095-1606