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April 2, 2000


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In a message dated 4/3/00 4:29:31 PM Central Daylight Time, prakash@tusk.edu

> What hysterical tripe. Look the people out there distrust the
> scientists who have lead the advance of chemical agriculture, the

Let us assume for the moment that this line of argument is rational. The
central notion is that, since scientific advances have led to consequences
we don't like, we should reject new scientific advances.

When will scientists try to understand the public, ( of which they form a
part ) without such disdain? There is no "hunt for the rational" within the
multiple dynamics that create an energetic society. Yes, indeed there is
distrust of scientists. Why not learn why there is distrust rather than
dismissing it as "irrational." I don't see much trust-building here, and a
lot of condescension. You would like the answer to be, rather regularly,
"because people are stupid." People must overcome a distrust; it is not
founded upon imaginary things. Scientific advance requires amending and
accounting for the damaging errors of the past. This, in my estimation, is
part of full disclosure. We do have air pollution from our industrial
success; we did/do have radiation leaks in 4 countries; we do have oil
spills; thalydimide did happen; DDT proved a problem, BSE happened; there are
usually 2 main meat contamination scares/year. Cancer is rampant. Distrust
was earned.
Will bio-tech scientists earn trust again?