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April 2, 2000


Organizational information


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Hello everybody!
A problem recurrently occurring with our newspapers is that the "armed wing" of,
say, various organic movements feeds the press with articles ordered from all
kinds of scientifically-sounding organizations, whose opinions then replace the
views of the scientific community on the pages. We are living in a curious age
of "information revolution", when a "good story" always beats scientific facts
in the media. We know that there exist hundreds of such small,
non-representative, often quasi-scientific "foundations", "institutes" etc.
aiming at indoctrination and obscure political purposes. Though these can
usually be readily identified as such according to their biased message, it
might often be helpful to have some direct background information about these
for reference. Is there any critical information publicly available for the
rapid evaluation of such active sources of bias or fraud?
From: Jussi Tammisola