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April 2, 2000




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From: "Thompson, Arlo"
Subject: RE: Images

The premise here is that "the people out there" distrust the scientists.
Except for a very few in the extreme minority who vocally foster/advocate
distrust for scientists one gets the impression that scientists are
trusted and respected. The extreme vocalization of the few has led to the
mistrust not the action of the scientists.

It is, one can imagine, easy to sit in a comfortable chair and be critical
of DDT and the Green Revolution for "degradation of the environment". Why
don't we mention the millions of lives these two issues have saved through
reduction of disease, increase of food supply etc.

The greatest danger to the environment is human over-population. Far more
damage is being done to the environment by overgrazing, excess
unsustainable population growth etc. Far more damage is being done because
of the "automobile". Why not eliminate automobiles? Obviously a stupid
suggestion but also the greatest source of pollution/environmental
degradation in the form of land lost to highways, greenhouse effect, etc.
And the extent to which the automobile will cause increasing pollution is
hard to comprehend when one factors in the desire of most Asians to
eventually own an auto. They should have this "right" if most in the West
have at least one auto, plus a boat, a couple of jet skis, etc. Biotech
provides a tool to answer needs of the human population. We should exploit
this tool with caution and appropriate safeguards, but extreme rhetoric,
misrepresentations, and sensationalism in journalism are not the means to
foster effective dialogue or understanding by "the people out there".

Lester Brown's book on Feeding China is gripping in its projections.
Biotech provides one tool to face the need projected by Brown. The Chinese
certainly believe this. They have embraced biotechnology as a means to
stave off future massive food shortages.

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From: Ann Oaks

What hysterical tripe. Look the people out there distrust the scientists
who have lead the advance of chemical agriculture, the