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March 24, 2000


outcrossing in corn


- http://www.agbioworld.org, http://agbioview.listbot.com

Maize can outcross with its ancestor, teosinte, a weed common in Mexico. This
has been going on for hundreds of years, though, and we don't have 'super
teosinte' that grows 6 feet tall and produces 300 bushels of teosinte seed per

I'm not sure corn borers are fond of teosinte, but unless the insects are a
notable biocontrol for this weed, I can't see any adverse effects from

Rick Roush wrote:

> - http://www.agbioworld.org, http://agbioview.listbot.com
> Cessna wrote:
> > I am
> >not willing to stake my career on the acceptibility of bt-corn (it's
> >really a messy system. It is nearly impossible to counter the
> >'super-weed' scenario because, yes, these transgenic plants will have a
> >huge advantage over wild-type plants, and the possibility of crossing with
> >weedy plants is real if slight).
> Whoa! I am not keen on Bt corn for corn borers, but what weeds can corn
> outcross to in the US?