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March 24, 2000


Comments on Corn Outcrossing


- http://www.agbioworld.org, http://agbioview.listbot.com

Three comments below:
From: Anatole F Krattiger

Since teosinte is threatened to be extinct, maybe insect resistance could
be very useful a trait giving it a few more decades. In any case, there is
one type of teosinte which grows mainly in the borders of agricultural
fields. That is the most threatened. For that teosinte, herbicide tolerance
might actually become the trait that saves it from total oblivion. Since
nobody is transforming teosinte with that trait, outcrossing from maize
could well be desirable rather than pose a threat. Just a though.

Anatole F Krattiger.
From: Ann Oaks

1) It is true that Maize can outcross with teosinte BUT the progeny are
sterile. I know, I have worked with the crosses. Big bushy
teosintexmaize hybrid, but no flowering parts at least not in Ontario.
2 One of the reasons we have real problems with weeds and pests is that we
select them by growing one crop in a field year after year. Wild teosinte
would not be the only plant in the field, sooo I suggest the corn boarer
would not be a problem.
Ann Oaks
From: Stephen Cessna

That's just my point! Convince me. And not with rhetoric or with
atitude, but with an educated, confident, and calm answer that doesn't
ridicule others for not knowing everything about corn. I know it's not
very ammenable to many of the heated scientific conversations we might be
used to, but if you really want someone to listen to you, educated
kindness, and a willingness to admit that things are not perfect, goes a
long ways.

Stephen Cessna
> Whoa! I am not keen on Bt corn for corn borers, but what weeds can corn
> outcross to in the US?
On Sat, 25 Mar 2000, Andrew Apel wrote:

> - http://www.agbioworld.org, http://agbioview.listbot.com
> Maize can outcross with its ancestor, teosinte, a weed common in Mexico. This
> has been going on for hundreds of years, though, and we don't have 'super
> teosinte' that grows 6 feet tall and produces 300 bushels of teosinte
>seed per
> acre.
> I'm not sure corn borers are fond of teosinte, but unless the insects are a
> notable biocontrol for this weed, I can't see any adverse effects from
> Bt-teosinte.