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August 3, 2000


Preposterous letter to the President of Brazil


size=3>Dear Colleagues

The preposterous
letter of Mrs. May-Wan Ho  to our President Fernando Henrique Cardoso,
beside her usual show of false information about the dangers of transgenic
plants, is clearly suggesting that the President is favoring Biotechnology
development under pressure of Monsanto. The President is not to be accused of
favoring a company. He is not a naive person that needs to be entreated by an
obscure botanist. He have decided, with 6 of his Ministers, to give strong hand
to the development of Biotechnology in Brazil. The fact that a first level
Judge, influenced by a foreign NGO, forbid RR soy plantations is not strong
enough reason to condemn Brazil to regression in

Our Academy of
Science with many others published a manifesto in favor of transgenic plants,
the Technical Commission (CTNBio) approved the transgenics, the Brazilian
Genetics Society posted e strong declaration in favor of transgenics, that
received about 80% of approval. We all know that 2600 scientists world wide,
signed the Prakash's declaration strongly supporting transgenic

The letter of Mrs. Ho is preposterous and
offensive. I believe she can be suited by grave offense to the


Sincerely yours, Antonio R. Cordeiro



Prof.Antonio Rodrigues
Cordeiro , Emeritus
Departamento de Genética, Cx.P. 68011
de Biologia,Univ. Federal do Rio de Janeiro
21944-790, Rio de Janeiro, RJ.