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August 7, 2000


Stossel's Woes



Whatever the fate of Stossel may be as a result of the
organic/pesticide fiasco (which apparently hangs on what the
meaning of "our" is), there are lessons to be learned here.

First of all, when one confronts a member of the
anti-biotech contingent in a public forum, one must hold
oneself to a nearly superhuman standard of accuracy. Voice
training may help as well, but likely Stossel has so much
native talent in this regard that we could dismiss the
possibility that he was saying "other tests," but got
temporarily mealy-mouthed and it got transcribed as "our
tests" instead.

Second of all, a member of the anti-biotech contingent has
no standard of accuracy or truthfulness, and few are
interested in holding them to standards.

This establishes, of course, a double standard, one which is
not likely to be resolved soon, especially since the organic
industry funds and sponsors groups implicated in terrorism
and mayhem.

For the month of July 2000, according to my count, there
were 98 arrests connected with anti-biotech or pro-organic
rioting and vandalism, and eight attacks on plant
development research in the US and Britain.

Going up against a movement with so few scruples takes a lot
of guts, and a willingness to take a few lumps in the
process. I hope that what happened to Stossel is eventually
viewed as the trivia it actually is, and that his courage
inspires others to help unveil the shameful tactics these
fringe elements rely upon.