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August 6, 2000


Novartis, New York


I hope the Novartis rep is correct in viewing their move as a relatively
harmless publicity stunt rather than having any serious implications for
the market for GM crops. Unfortunately, it is irrelevant that the amount
of GM products they might otherwise have used in their own food divisions
represented the production of only a single county in Iowa. This whole war
is being fought in the arena of public perceptions rather than statistics.
In my view, the Novartis move is nothing less than a cowardly defection
and a stab in the back for companies like Campbell's and Kellogg's who had
courageously refused to capitulate to biotech zealots. Who could blame
them for rethinking their position after this? Novartis has become the
"Jane Fonda" of the pro-biotech movement. It might as well have aimed a
machine gun at its own troops and said, "Take this you SOB's!" If our
enemies play up this high profile defection the way I expect they will, it
will have the
predictable impact of hurting morale and the "will to fight" by others,
leading to a wholesale retreat. Novartis should change its name to "Hanoi
Jane" for this gross treason to the cause.

Date: Aug 07 2000 12:55:22 EDT
From: "Tim Bubar"
Subject: Re: AGBIOVIEW: New York

Contact info for NY State Legislators
http://www.senate.state.ny.us/ - click on "Senators


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Can anyone out there supply a list?


Subj: Re: NY Bill, Novartis, Kosher law, NY Times
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2000 4:15:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: "Charles J. Arntzen"

>If you live in New York you may want to call your local congressman about
>this. A New York State Senate hearing is supposedly scheduled for
>September 13th, and expert witnesses are needed.

Subj: Re: New York State Bill A09871
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 3:20:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Thomas Bjorkman

>If you live in New York you may want to call your local congressman about
>this. A New York State Senate hearing is supposedly scheduled for
>September 13th, and expert witnesses are needed.

I checked the NYS legislative calendar (at the link Prakash provided),
and this bill was held in the Assembly Agriculture Committee when the
legislature adjourned in June.

I talked with the office of the bills sponsor, Assemblyman McEneny. They
confirmed the assembly calendar information that the bill is cooling its
heels in the Agriculture committee of the NYS Assembly.
The Agriculture Committee chair, Bill Magee, may do something eventually,
but it does not sound to me like anyone is in a hurry to pass it.
I also called State Senator Hoffman's office (She's the head of the NYS
Senate Agriculture Committee) and they don't have any hearings planned.
Since it is languishing in the Assembly, there isn't any
reason for the Senate to act.

Contacting US congressmen isn't terribly effective since it is a state

What was the source of this information?

Subj: Re: AGBIOVIEW: New York, Ho, BBC, Stossel
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 3:43:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Broder.Michael@epamail.epa.gov

Its easy enough to find on the House's homepage (www.house.gov) they
also have
committee membership.