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August 7, 2000


NEB Response


Mr. Ellard:

Thank you for your response from New England Bio Labs regarding your
company's support for the Union of Concerned Scientists. Unfortunately,
from my read of your letter, you will continue to support and fund the
Union of Concerned Scientists despite their irresponsible attacks on
biotechnology. I find this
disappointing, as I'm sure will the many colleagues with whom your
company works.

Thank you again for your reply.

--- Jim Ellard wrote:
> Dear Dr. Smetacek,
> Thank you for taking the time to express your
> concerns about the support
> that NEB has recently extended to the UCS.
> As you are aware, NEB has a long history of
> supporting environmental causes
> and promoting sound ecological practices. For the
> past several years, we
> have dedicated a significant number of pages in our
> catalog to raise
> awareness about issues that impact the beauty,
> productivity and diversity
> of the Earth's unique environments. This year, we
> focused on the essential
> tasks that Nature performs to sustain the biosphere.
> To this end, UCS
> provided a number of scientific resources to help
> review the content of the
> diverse range of subject matter included in the
> 2000/01 NEB catalog.
> Support offered to them was a one-time event
> directly related to their
> editorial contributions.
> While NEB recognizes the ability of UCS to provide
> constructive dialog on
> complicated issues, we do not necessarily support or
> agree with every
> aspect of their agenda. As the leading producer of
> enzymes for genetic
> engineering, we certainly recognize the benefits of
> using biotechnology in
> agriculture research and feel strongly that a
> healthy, constructive dialog
> between concerned parties is of benefit to all.
> Once again, thank you for your comments; we welcome
> this type of feedback.
> I would happy to continue this dialog with you. My
> contact information is
> listed below.
> Your past support of our company is appreciated, and
> we look forward to
> continuing to provide products for your research.
> Sincerely,
> Jim Ellard
> Director of Marketing Communications
> cc:
> Dr. Peter Nathan
> Director of Marketing
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> James V. Ellard
> Marketing Communications, Director
> New England Biolabs, Inc
> Tel: (978) 927-5054 ext.213
> FAX: (978) 921-1350
> e-mail: ellard@neb.com
> NEB WWW Server: http://www.neb.com