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August 9, 2000


Bt illness



I think the report you are looking for is Immune Responses in Farm Workers
after Exposure to Bacillus Thuringiensis Pesticides by Bernstein et al
from 1999 and published in Environmental Health Perspectives

For other info on Bt and human health, please see Allan Felsot's articles
at the following URL

Please note that this is part 2 of a series of articles on Bt which in my
opinion are excellent contributions to the debate. For a full index of
articles, please use the following URL

Edo Lin

> A while back, as I recall, someone posted here that they had
> information
> to the effect that farm workers experienced respiratory distress as a
> result of being exposed to sprayable Bt products. All I have been able
> to
> find in the literature is (a) a recommendation that workers not be
> allowed
> into a Bt-sprayed field until 24 hours after application and (b)
> (parenthetically) that Bt spray is toxic to butterflies and their
> larvae.
> Does anyone out there know where the human-illness Bt claim comes