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July 16, 2000


Elle article, Environmentalists, Insect resistance,


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Date: Jul 17 2000 13:38:41 EDT
From: MsGreenLady@aol.com
Subject: ELLE mag article

Mr. Mitchell,

I agree completely that we have an obligation to educate the public better
than we have been thus far. That said, while reading ELLE for science is
a bit like reading PLAYBOY for the articles, its audience is mainstream
and affluent young women - and a lot of them! With a circulation of about
one million, most of whom are now or will soon be making the family food
buying decisions, ELLE has a responsibility to offer accurate information
and not just speculation on phantom food dragons. In my opinion, Thomas
Beller's suggestion that rat genes will soon be entering the food supply
via biotechnology qualifies as misinformation, and dangerous
misinformation at that.

As I'm sure you know, women are great organizers - look at the Million Mom

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