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July 19, 2000


Campbell's soup: form letter online


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Date: Jul 20 2000 12:07:19 EDT
From: MsGreenLady@aol.com
Subject: Campbell's soup: form letter online

Friends of Biotech,

We are again handed a golden opportunity to make OUR voices heard in the
halls of corporate America. Campbell's (makers of everybody's favorite
tomato soup, as well as many other fine products) is currently under
assault by anti-GMO protesters who are demanding that Campbell's use no
genetically modified organisms in their products. There is a form letter
available on line that you can edit as you please and send to Campbell's
to voice your support for biotech. The Web address is:

Below is an excerpt from the Friends of the Earth Website

"A coalition of seven national food safety and environmental organizations
today announced the formation of a major new campaign to take genetically
engineered ingredients off American grocery store shelves until they are
fully tested and labeled. As the first formal action of its campaign,
Genetically Engineered Food Alert called on the Campbell Soup Company to
remove genetically engineered ingredients from its products until all
safety testing has been completed, and to label such products immediately.
The campaign also announced plans to add to efforts already in progress
seeking removal of genetically engineered ingredients from Kellogg's

Companies and the public need to know that if you eliminate genetic
engineering, you are left with a choice between modern practices that rely
on pesticides, or questionable organic methods that are costly, less safe
and no more nutritious than their GMO counterparts. Campbell's isn't
really faced with the issue of buying genetically altered tomatoes in mass
yet, but ideally that will become an option. Consumers should understand
that there is benefit to them - nutritionally, environmentally and in
terms of food safety - for Campbell's to have that choice.

Considering the fertilization methods of organic farming and the frequent
E.coli outbreaks, let Campbell's know WE WANT NO POOP IN OUR SOUP!

Jenny Lord


Subj: NPR Segment
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 11:42:54 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: "John W. Cross"

There was an NPR segment this morning with news of a protest against "GMO
food" in Trenton, New Jersey. However, I cannot find information about it
on the NPR website. There was nothing new in the report, which claimed
that "GMO food" would result in runaway genes and increases in
antibiotic-resistant microbial pathogens, among other things. The report
indicated that food manufacturers such as Campbell's would be targeted.

John W. Cross, Ph.D.
Alexandria, VA