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June 29, 2000


Sainsbury to be applauded



I encourage scientists to send their encouragement to Sainsbury for having
the courage to support research into biotechnology-improved vegetables.
In the current anti-progress hysteria fomented by narrow-minded interest
group activists in the U.K., Sainsbury's should be applauded for taking
responsible measures to look into the benefits of GM; however, Sainsbury
should also be asked to stop their anti-biotech advertising campaign as it
contributes to ignorance and fear.

Please send comments to: feedback@sainsburys.co.uk

You can also phone them at 0800 63 62 62.

Sainsbury's in bid to develop new GM foods
[The Sunday Times, 04/06/00. Extract]

Sainsbury the supermarket group, is helping to develop a new strain of GM
vegetables, despite running advertising campaigns claiming that it is
pro-organic and anti-GM. The supermarket is working on a úl.lm,
international three-year project to produce long-life vegetables, which
could increase shelf life and generate big savings by reducing wastage.
The projects is based at the National University of Ireland, in Maynooth,
which has a specialist biotechnology department. The project is funded
mainly by the EU along with three industrial partners including