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June 28, 2000


Dr Prakash Nijsure


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Dr. Tony Jackson
Department of Biochemistry,

Dear Dr Tony Jackson

Its a good thing to review some of the articles in AgBio. Much of criticism
came for Mae-Wan Ho's book on Genetic Engineering: Dream or Nightmare.
We are living in the environment which is becoming worst day by day. In
developing as well as developed contries the effluents that are washed off
from chemical companies are entering in to the plants that are grown in the
field nearby chemical factories. Daily we are consuming the deadly
pesticides and herbicides which are causing damage to our body and we pay
the fees to the family doctors. These things are so serious but nobody talk
about this but when it comes to gm crops, everybody start criticising the
technology in some or the other way.
how safe is the food we are eating today grown in the fields sprayed by
deadly pesicides and herbicides.
Agricultural biotechnology is not a deadly pesticide but a safe alternative.
There is no evidence of harm from these developments and theoretically the
chance of producing new allergens is extremely remote. Most plants eaten
today have chemicals in them that might cause cancer and many are poisonous
unless processed in a proper ways. GM crops are no more risky than our
common crops.
There are risks in not developing this technology just as there are risks
in not looking for new antibiotics or not searching for cures to cancer.
Human beings can not turn the clock back to a time before agriculture
without destroying 99.9% of the population. I have daughter and a son and
believe me I want them to survive. I want them to survive even if they have
to harm the environment to do so. You are harming the enviroment everyday.
If you will not give up the luxuries of modern Western civilization for the
sake of the environment then you are relying on science and technology to
keep you in the style to which you are accustomed. My hope, and that of all
scientists, is that we can find a way to bring peace and prosperity to all
the people of the world. This might be an unreasonable ambition but at least
we are trying. The "stop the ship I want to get off attitude" of many
enviromental activists is a ridiculous and selfish response to a complex
let us find some solution on these problems of how we can feed the Hungry
Mouth, how food production can be doubled with the new GM technology, how
we can reduce the use of pesicides and herbicides which are causing serious
damage to our systems.

Some time I feel this is just a temporary phase, as any new things take time
to root into mind.....
It's only the SCIENTISTS can help the global agricultural technology.

Dr Prakash Nijsure