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June 19, 2000


organic food produce and iceland


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dear All

I think Wayne Parrots comments the most revealing of all. If in
Guetamala they are still cutting down rain and cloud forest to grow
food and if we know that iceland has negotiated for organic food
from the same area i.e. central america do we now have a situation
in which Iceland supported by Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth
and the Soil Association ( they have published pamphlets together)
simply destroy rainforest to produce organic food?

Comments please. If we agree then we should broadcast it on all
teh activist networks.

kind regards


Two corrections to my can organic farming feed the world. Alfafa
does apparently grow as far north as colorado. If it is grown in
europe I am not aware of it though I can be wrong. For organic
farming in the UK, clover fields are used as pasture or silage for
cows and manure. Manure is used as a soil conditioner so that
some effect on wheat is anticipated. However I was quoting from
Chrispeels and Sadava a book I have much admired and I have
always found to be accurate in information. If you are reading this
Maarten, many thanks for the coffee mug which arrived a few days
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