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June 18, 2000


On Organic Food Being Sold As Result of Food Scares


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Perhaps one should look at recent food scares and studies involving organic
farming. The 'raw' sludge used as fertilizer for organic fruits in CA has
caused several notable problems. However, all media reports seem to fail to
report that this is an 'organic' farm that had a problem or product recall.
There seems to be a disconnect. How would one better inform consumers and
highten media awareness of the many instances where organic farming has led
to similar or worse food safety issues than conventional farming? Are there
any decent studies to support this general proposition? (e.g. the effect of
fertilizer utilized in organic farming versus synthetic fertilizer on food
safety or the effect of not using herbicides on food safety).

My gut as an ag lawyer (and not a scientist) is that organic farming,
depending on the methodology used, can easily pose greater health risks than
traditional farming. Some of the sewage used to fertilize organic farms is
ladden with. . . . .

Rich Kottmeyer
General Counsel/CFO