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April 26, 2000


Free CD-ROM on Agricultural Biotechnology!!


There is a new CD-ROM entitled "A Short Course on Biotechnology,"
specifically developed for educational presentations. This is an
excellent presentation aimed at general audience and introduces them
to the concepts and applications in the use of biotechnology to
develop betters crops and food. The presentation can be done manually
and also has the option for 'self-running' plus includes printable
presentation script with or without images.

I think this would greatly help you in your presentations on
agbiotech at your local schools or even talking to the media.

The producer of this presentation, National Biotechnology Service
Center, has agreed to make this CD-ROM freely available to biotech
scientists. It will work in both Windows and Mac operating systems.
See the short description below.

Please call 1-888-989-4246 to request the disc. For those outside
North America, please write to the following address requesting the
CD-ROM "A Short Course on Biotechnology" :

Biotech CD-ROM
Po Box 7628
Des Moines, IA 50322, USA

(Sorry, they do not entertain an email request and PLEASE DO NOT
direct any requests to me.)



"A Short Course on Biotechnology," is an educational presentation on CD-ROM.
Presentation audiences will learn why biotech products are safe, why they're
better than conventional products, and why biotech offers so much promise
for our future. "A Short Course on Biotechnology," educates about the
benefits of biotechnology and helps erase misconceptions that audiences may
have about biotechnology.

The CD-ROM contains "A Short Course on Biotechnology" presentation with a
printable script for live delivery, and "A Short Course on Biotechnology"
self-running presentation, with narration.

Call 1-888-989-4BIO (1-8888-989-4246) to order a copy of this
educational tool. or write to PO Box 7628, Des Moines, IA 50322