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April 26, 2000


On the Subject of Organic Foods and Seed Segragation


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From: Alex Avery
Subject: Re: On the Subject of Organic Foods and Seed Segragation
IF the organic farmers/retailers expect to sell a value-added product, then
they, not anyone else, is responsible for all of the necessary costs of
producing and marketing the value-added product. So they are responsible
for the costs of segregation-identification. If those costs soar beyond
any reasonable consumer willingess to pay, so be it.

To impose on the rest of agriculture the liability for the organic farmers
silly preferences and loss of value added return is ridiculous. The
organic industry is demanding the right to sue other farmers if their
harvests are "contaminated" with biotech pollen and thus destroys their
"organic" crop. This is a backdoor imposition of organic standards on the
rest of the farm community and it is absurd.

Alex A. Avery
Director of Research and Education
Center for Global Food Issues
Hudson Institute
P.O. Box 202
Churchville, VA 24421
(540) 337-6354
fax: (540) 337-8593
email: aavery@rica.net