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April 21, 2000


Eco-terrorists assault UC-Davis' Martina McClaughlin


- http://www.agbioworld.org, http://agbioview.listbot.com

Recently the respected professor at University of California Davis Dr.
Martina McClaughlin was assaulted with a pie after her lecture at the
Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. Martina later wrote to me "I thought
that it was interesting that the cake was store bought and no doubt
contained GMOs - In addition she [the assaulter] left behind a bottle of
nail varnish - obviously she is so concerned about the earth that she uses
frivolous non-renewable petroleum-based products!"

See below for a shameless communique from the activist group involved in
this lowly act
/> After a long hiatus, we swung into action today and delivered two pies to
the kisser of Martina McClaughlin, Director of Biotechnology at the
University of California at Davis.

The General Command of the BBB met earlier today spurred by an anonymous tip
that a big biotechnology supporter was entering our stronghold of San
Francisco, CA, U$A. After agents were chosen, it was just a matter of time
before pies were to fly. BBB specially-trained agents had no problem
infiltrating the building and patiently sat through the debate on
genetically engineered organisms in the environment. As McClaughlin left the
stage, Agent Chocolate Silk delivered the first edible projectile using the
patented Pie Slam Dunkę. As she was freeing herself from an overly
aggressive biotech supporter, Agent Raspberry snuck by the crowd and
delivered a second helping of good ol' cherry pie to the unsuspecting pie-e.

"Director of Biotechnology" is an odd title for a person who merely lies on
behalf of UC-Davis's heinous biotechnology program. According to
McClaughlin, "Unless we will accept starvation or placing parks and the
Amazon basin under the plow, there really is no alternative to applying
biotechnology to agriculture. Biotechnology should be looked upon not only
as a solution to problems but as a mechanism to improve the quality of life
and the quality of the environment. "This kind of corporate bullshit needs
to be addressed!

UC-Davis is no danger to biotechnology, having entertained deals with
Monsanto and other multinationals. Similar to most publicly-funded
universities, UC Davis relies on massive amounts of corporate funding to
keep its extensive biotechnology program alive.

UC-Davis has come under fire in the last year for their role in promoting
the dangerous technology called biotechnology. Since 1999, their have been
over four genetically engineered crops destroyed at UC-Davis; among them
were Monsanto Round-Up Ready sugarbeets and GE corn, melons and tomatoes.
Despite the evidence presented to the press, Ms. McClaughlin denied the
nature of the crops instead choosing to call the crop pullers, "vandals"

UC-Davis (and the UC system in general) is no stranger to the BBB having
received visits from us on various occasions: 1998's "Operation Double
Fudge" in which we visited both UC Davis to pie Chancellor Vanderhoorf over
a deal with Monsanto and UC-Berkeley to pie Dean Gordon Rausser and Novartis
President Doug Watson over the University's nefarious $25 Million deal with
multinational giant Novartis. Last but not least, let us not forget the
pie-ing of vivisector Russel DeValois on World Week for Animals in Labs last
year either.

"We must resist the commodification of life at all coast-and by any means!",
"If we stay silent while multinational corporations kill butterflies with GE
corn, clone animals and destroy the environment with their genetically
mutilated crops, than we deserve industrial society". We must continue to
fight! said Agent Chocolate Silk. This action is dedicated to you brave
warriors out there resisting; fighting the biotech monster and changing the
way Amerikans look at GMO's. You know who you are and you're an inspiration
to us all.

For more information, try : bbb@asis.com

In defense of pastry and all things sweet,

Special Agent Key Lime
General Command of the Biotic Baking Brigade-Ecotopia Cell