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April 19, 2000


RE: Advice to US Scientists from a British Scientist


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> From: "Tony Trewavas"

> Secondly write to newspapers whenever you see critical comments.
> Editors usually read all the letters even if they dot publish them.
> I reckon about half the letters I have written have been published.
> They let the opposition know they wont get away with it. Learn that
> newspapers like short pithy statements to the point. Ring up TV
> stations when you see critical comments on GM, complain that they are
> damaging US business and being anti-patriotic by subscribing to
> European hysteria.
Writing to editors is very effective. I have worked around newspapers
most of my life from setting type, reporting and drawing editorial cartoons
and editors are hungry for local input from their readers. Most well
reasoned and passably written comments will be published unless the
editor is very biased against the position. There are some editors that
push a social agenda but not as many as it appears. They publish what
they get and the other side is putting out a lot more than we are.

The opposition has us at a disadvantage. When drawing cartoons I
quickly learned that very easy to attack but almost impossible to
support a position. As long as we stay on the defensive we are
giving the high ground to the opposition.


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