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June 18, 2000


Organic Cutting Its Own Throat?


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In the food industry, there is only one sector which relies
almost entirely on food scares to establish and broaden its
market: the organic sector. Most people who buy organic do
so not because it is in some sense a superior product, but
out of fear of the alternative. Therefore, all food scares
contribute directly to the success of organic food.

For that reason, however, it is important for the organic
sector to have a substantial market presence of foods made
using biotechnology. Why? Because, if biotech foods are
taken off the market completely, they are not there to scare
people into buying organic.

Since the major British supermarkets have already gone
mostly non-GMO, one has to wonder if there's enough fear in
the marketplace about other things to drive people in droves
to buy organic from Iceland. This could well turn out to be
the biggest retail food marketing blunder of the decade.
Time will tell.