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March 16, 2000


British TV: Rise and Fall of GM


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This message is specially for those of you in Britain.

The TV Channel 4 in UK is featuring a 90 minute documentary on issues
concerning biotechnology derived food in their famed "Equinox" series
on Monday 20 March 21:00 to 22:30. Entitled "Rise and Fall of GM", the
documentary will "go in search of the truth behind the propaganda
concerning genetically modified foods, by talking to some of the most
eminent scientists working in this field, as well as representatives
from anti-GM pressure groups". (In the interest of full disclosure: I
am one of the scientists interviewed in this documentary....CSP)

After the program there will be an on-line discussion about it at

Channel 4 is also featuring a live debate involving proponents and
critics of biotechnology on Wednesday March 22 at 23:30 (Disclosure
again: I am one of the debators...CSP).

For those of you not in UK, the documentary is expected eventually to
be shown in the Discovery Channel and also perhaps Public Television
in the USA. Video and DVD versions of the program is also being
thought of for wider circulation, according to its producer Mr. Martin
Durkin. Will keep you posted.

(Blurb from Channel 4 website: The Rise and Fall of GM Monday; 20
March, 9pm' Genetically modified foods spark widespread distrust. But
what is the scientific basis of these concerns? Is the world being
deprived needlessly of a plentiful and safe supply of food that could
transform billions of lives. GM crops can be created, immune to
disease and insect attack, and with a more nutritious content. Views
on test results polarise, but for the staving people of the developing
countries, the choice is between life and death; Equinox is Channel
4's flagship science series. Transmitted in prime time on Monday
evening the range of individual films aims to bring serious science to
as wide an audience as it can reach. The award-winning series stands
out as an exemplar of strong scientific journalism and reve