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June 7, 2000


Vandana Shiva's Opposition to Food Aid


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Subject: Vandana Shiva's Opposition to Food Aid

> Vandana Shiva would rather have her people in India starve than
> eat bioengineered food....
> - Prakash

That is one way of limiting population growth. Not one most of us could
support. In the end we will have to curtail population growth or find some
very innovative ways of producing power and disposing of waste. We
already have more pollution than the planet can manage and we don't
have the food reserves to feed the world in a sustained drought in two
of the major producing areas. In fact we aren't doing a very good job
of feeding the world now. Maybe Green Peace can use some of their
funds to buy organic grain for the starving Africans and do some good
in the world.

Maybe the folks pushing organic farming can go to India and show the
people how to raise food with out pesticides and fertilizer.

If we follow the lead of the EU with yields decreasing every year we will
sure be in a mess.

I can never get over the idea that some one that has never worked
a farm knows better than the farmer and scientist that have devoted
their lives to agriculture what the course of the future should be.
They disquiet the fact that we concerned that we maintain the
land and leave it in shape that our grandchildren can make a
living on it.

I deeply resent being told that GM cotton is worse than regular
cotton when it cuts the number of sprayings with very toxic
pesticides from 10 to 2 or they want me to use a herbicide
that will pollute the water I drink insted of one that breaks down
in a matter of days and saves at least 3 trip over the ground
and makes it possible to raise no till cotton. Let them drink
the polluted water and fight the sand blowing because they
think they know more about my business than I do.

I will listen to Rifkin, Green Peace, et. al. when they: Watch a crop
waste away in a drought; Wake up at 3:00 in the morning and
wrestle with the education for their kids, the loan at the bank
and the erosion problem on the home place and how to pay
for it all; When they fight to get a crop up after a rain and
keep the crop that is 2 inches tall from being killed by blowing
sand; When they spend all night working on a planter and then
spend the next day running it: when they have worked 18 hours
and then have to hall 200 bales of hay because the hay haulers
didn't show up and it just you and your brother to get it in before
it rains; Raised a garden because you family needs the food.

If they will do that I will listen to what they say about the way I
farm and options open to me. But if they are living on the dole,
daddies' money or clipping coupons and want to tell me how to
run my life I will run them of my land by what ever means it takes.

I bought my first cattle in 1957 when I was 14 and I worked with
cattle and farming until 1986 when a bout of multiple sclerosis
made is plain I couldn't manage the farm any longer. If you want
to check my credentials my resume is on my web page


Gordon Couger gcouger@couger.com

Stillwater, OK www.couger.com/gcouger
405 624-2855 GMT -6:00