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June 8, 2000


Vandana Shiva's Opposition to Food Aid


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>Subject: Vandana Shiva's Opposition to Food Aid
>> Vandana Shiva would rather have her people in India starve than
>> eat bioengineered food....
>> - Prakash
>That is one way of limiting population growth. Not one most of us could
>support. In the end we will have to curtail population growth or find some
>very innovative ways of producing power and disposing of waste. We
>already have more pollution than the planet can manage and we don't
>have the food reserves to feed the world in a sustained drought in two
>of the major producing areas. In fact we aren't doing a very good job
>of feeding the world now. Maybe Green Peace can use some of their
>funds to buy organic grain for the starving Africans and do some good
>in the world.

About overpopulation:

The *only* way to *solve* the overpopulation problem is to make people rich.
(I'm using "rich" in a broad sense, not in the inflated sense common in
countries where almost everybody is rich already.) The "demographic
transition", from high-growth to low-growth society, basically comes from
wealth: it happens in societies which are wealthy enough to insist that
children should go to school and not work, and mechanized enough to have
eliminated most home manufacture. When children stop being economic
assets, the birth rate declines rapidly.

Anything else at most postpones the problem slightly, although that may be
a useful temporary measure (and may be justified for other reasons).

-Henry Spencer

I don't think that I'm going out on a limb in predicting that GM technology
will be one of the most important factors, if not the primary factor,
leading to the transition mentioned above. The luddites can slow such
progress, dooming millions to squalor, starvation, disease and war in the
meantime, but GM technologies will eventually be accepted.

Wallace Berry
Assistant Professor
AU Dept. of Poultry Science