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March 8, 2000


FAO eForum on biotechnology


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(Please note that I have changed the Agbioworld-list name into
'AgBioNews'.....It is only a name change and not a new group! AgBioNews
is for forwarding news of relevance in biotech from Agbioworld while the
AgBioView is a discussion forum for every one to share ideas...
Now, you can subscribe or unsubscribe to this group also on the web at
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Invitation to join the Electronic Forum on Biotechnology in Food and
Agriculture (http://www.fao.org/biotech/forum.htm)

Dear Colleagues,

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is
establishing an Electronic Forum on Biotechnology in Food and Agriculture.
We wish to invite you to be a member of the Forum.

Objectives of the Forum:

To provide an open forum that will allow a wide range of parties,
including governmental and non-governmental organisations, policy makers
and the general public, to discuss and exchange views and experiences
about specific issues concerning biotechnology in food and agriculture for
developing countries. This will be done through a series of e-mail
conferences, each lasting two months, on specific topics, for which
background (before the conferences) and summary documents (after) will be

(See the website http://www.fao.org/biotech/forum.htm for more details on
how to join)