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March 5, 2000


Latest Issue of AgBioForum


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Dear Friends:

I am writing to inform you that the new issue (Volume 2, No. 3&4) of
AgBioForum is now on-line at http://www.agbioforum.org . The URL has
changed so please update your bookmarks.

This issue discusses the impacts and possibilities for
agrobiotechnology in less developed countries. A table of contents is
attached for your information. I hope that you will find this issue a
useful resource. If you have any specific questions please contact
agbioforum@missouri.edu . Information
on editorial policy and submissions is available on-line.

Spyridon Spyros Revithis
Webmaster of AgBioForum


Table of Contents

Special Issue
The Economics of Biotechnology in Developing Countries

Agrobiotechnology in the Developing World? . Editor's Introduction

Escaping The Malthusian Trap .G. Conko & F.L. Smith, Jr. Ten Reasons
Why Biotechnology Will Not Help . M.A. Altieri & P.Rosset

Ten Reasons Why Altieri and Rosset are Wrong . M. McGloughlin

Making A Difference In Africa? .B. Woodward, J. Brink & D. Berger
Measuring Agrobiotechnology Research .C.A. Falconi
Agro-Biotechnology In Developing Countries.S. Sahai
Transferring GM Crops to LDCs.G. Traxler
IPR and Biotechnology in LDCs . . . . . ..W.A. Kerr, J.E. Hobbs & R.
Yampoin Regulation of Biotechnology in LDCs . . .G. Tzotzos
Agrobiotechnology, Trade, and LDCs. P. Pinstrup-Andersen
Biotechnology in the Global Economy . . .C. Juma


Feeding a World of Six Billion. . . . . . . . C.S. Prakash


Genetic Improvements in U.S. Crops . . G. Frisvold, J. Sullivan & A.
Raneses The Protection of IPRs: Issues And Options . .