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June 8, 2000


National Institute of Agriculture


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A new National Institute of Agriculture in the model of NIH, Maryland and
NIEHS, North Carolina is planned to be established in St. Louis, MO. The Ag
inst will focus on agricultural sciences, nutrition, plant science, foods,
food safety and ag-biotech. Drs Roger Beachy, William Danforth and Virginia
Weldon and others are today meeting with USDA Secretary Mr. Dan Glickman
during his visit to St. Louis to discuss about the proposal. Mr. Dick
Gephardt, House Minority Leader was briefed on the concept last month by
local area leaders. Although the discussions are in a very early stage,
still, Mr. Gephardt could lay the foundation as early as this summer. Such
an institute would put
St. Louis at the epicenter of a green valley-the agricultural equivalent of
California's silicon valley.

Ref: St. Louis Business Journal, June 12, 2000, Pages 1 and 71
"Leaders plant seed for ag institute"-Beachy, Danforth seek Gephardt's
backing, By Linda Tucci)
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