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June 8, 2000


Shiva, TPS, and more


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Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2000 23:18:41 +0100
From: Meredith Lloyd Evans - BioBridge
Subject: Re: corn-soya mix for Orissa

Attention Vandana Shiva

I read your statement about US food aid and Orissa. How DARE you use the
finding of genetic modification in the corn-soya mix sent for food aid in
Orissa in your mindless attack on US activity and biotechnology in food.
Can I remind you that this is LEGAL commodity in US.

Can I state that your attitude means you would rather people DIED than had
the benefits of food. Can I categorically attack you for defining this as
DUMPING when it is humanitarian food aid. Can I CONDEMN you for condemning
hundreds of millions of your fellow women not only in India but round the
world to continued drudgery through hand-weeding, and continued
intoxication by exposure to pesticides, and continued starvation through
your STUPIDITY of adherence to stone-age methods of agriculture.

It is impossible to LAUGH at you enough to show the rest of the world that
your thoughts are inhumane and that your actions are cruel, because if you
are followed in your odious philosophies, the effects will be so serious
that you should be categorised as a genocidal criminal.

Now GIVE ME JUSTIFICATION why what you are doing and saying should be
regarded as the best thing for the farmers of India, for the women of
India and for the welfare of future generations. I await to be enlightened.

Mr Meredith Lloyd-Evans
45 St Barnabas Road
Cambridge CB1 2BX
tel +44 1223 566850
fax +44 1223 470222

Date: Jun 08 2000 14:48:46 EDT
From: Gordon Couger
Subject: Re: Technology Protection System

From: "Rick Roush"


You left out the benefits to farmers. No volunteer, no contamination of
by seed crops. The potential to clean up land using Terminator technology
for plots intended for seed crops without having to rotate it into other
crops for a couple of years. Less competition from volunteer in double
cropping systems.

With the exception of volunteer these advantages are special cases but in
the case of wheat no volunteer could mean a 3 to 10 dollar savings to the


Gordon Couger gcouger@couger.com

Stillwater, OK www.couger.com/gcouger
405 624-2855 GMT -6:00

Date: Jun 08 2000 14:57:15 EDT
From: "C. S. Prakash"
Subject: Free Bumper Stickers and License Plates Supporting

If you are interested in receiving free bumper sticker and auto license tag
saying "We Back Biotech" with a picture of corn cob (and do not mind the
logo of Novartis)do visit http://www.webackbiotech.com, and scroll down to
the bottom of the page "From the Campaign Center" to enter your address to
receive these. You can also download a catchy screensaver for your
computer here.


Date: Jun 08 2000 13:12:50 EDT
From: "Dr. Devasia ( Asiananda )"
Subject: Re: On your heated discussions

Bocholt, 8 June 2000

Dear Professor Prakash,

I am very heartened to have your letter, and know that you took note
of my views and would appreciate to have more... You certainly have a
very prolific discussion group, I am unable to go through all the
stuff your group produces, especially because my field is different,
but I do recognize that this genetic revolution and its outcome of GM
food is relevant to human future and the planetary survival as much
as the atom was the life-and-death matter after Hiroshima..

I for one absolutely and unconditionally back your position, that GM
food have the same relevance to humankind in the new century as say
biochemical stuff was for human health in the past centuries... It is
not the GM food per se that is the problem, but its capitalistic MNC
model and its utilitarian egoism and blindness that is dooming human
future. The totalitarian regimes tried to survive by building up
press censorships and Berlin walls... The capitalistic controlled
press/media and R&D enforce in principle the same censorship of any
reality that is contrary to its utilitarian interest.

I am afraid the American model of capitalism will destroy itself and
our fragile planet. It was when Europe was at the pinnacle of its
power, when 97% of planet was under the European hegemony, it negated
itself by entering the course of World War I... and after the brief
interlude by unleashing World War II. The humbled Germans turned back
to Christianity - Adenauer founded the Christian Democratic Party of
Germany (CDU) and Ludwig Erhard came up with the famous Social-Market
economic model. Germany's Economic Wonder proved to be the engine of
the postwar European and OECD economic wonder, but this was possible
because the Second World and the Third World were going through their
"under-development" mode. After the liberalisation and globalisation
we have been left out with only one mode - the capitalistic mode -
and the whole world is entering what Walt Rostow presaged, "the mass
consumerist stadium".... We are fast overtaking the planetary limits
of sustainability... I can understand the anxiety and revolt of
friends like Vandana Shiva.

But I for one believe that a frontal solution for the present human
predicament is on the technological frontiers. Genetics is a secret
frontier which nature is opening to us, but it has the same dangers
as the frontiers of the atom. Without green revolution India would
not have been fed, I still remember the terrific hunger of my
childhood just after the Korean war, and India waiting for the US
food promises, which Nehru hoped would be forthcoming after his 1949
visit to Washington, but which kept India waiting until late in the
fifties when the Bandung Conference, the Suez crisis and the Russian
sputnik forced Americans to reconcile to the world reality. We have
so far had only the "demographic transition" of the Western
civilisation. It is still going on in South Asia, Arab Islamic world,
Africa, Latin America.. and without the technological breakthrough on
GM front, I for one do not believe we will be able to meet the global
nutritional demands in the decades to come. But I also believe that
this demographic transition will not take place in a peaceful way in
our present monopolistic capitalistic unipolar structure, we might
again be heading towards 1914 unless we bring in also higher forces
to interact with history. It is in this sense I believe we have to
heed to the intuitive voices like that of Prince Charles. The
capitalistic, technological frontiers must reconcile with their
natural, spiritual counterparts. We speak of a new holistic
worldview, a co-evolving new frontier of man and nature. I think the
unipolar mode is heading towards a historical, evolutionary deadlock
with Montesano and new George Bush. The UN Charter I believe must be
complemented by a DECLARATION OF HUMAN UNITY. If we want to get the
veto powers away from their nuclear arsenals and reverse the new ABM
star wars race, we will have to put this point of the DECLARATION OF
HUMAN UNITY on the UN agenda, for which we could even secure the
backing of the status quo powers.

Last 5 years or so I was based at Delhi, I came to Europe to visit
Intercultural Open University, Opeinde NL, it is only now that I
entered the world of internet and e mail and all that.. All of a
sudden I find the clock is ticking differently, you must be used to
it, I wanted to write only a brief line, but the ideas just flew, you
must be its magnet, dear Dr Prakash, how are you connected to
Bangalore? are you born there or have studied there? I find it very
enriching to remain in touch with you.. you are certainly free to
transmit my contributions in your network, I will now give more
attention to your mail, and will be responding as and when necessary,
thank you for this offer, and with all good wishes let me remain
sincerely yours,

Dr Devasia (Asiananda)

Intercultural Open University, Opeinde
The Netherlands