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June 5, 2000


The British royals and GM: it is really heating up now!


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Dear all,

Here is the next royal who has gone on BBC to speak up (in favour) on GM crops.
It is significant because of the high influence of the Duke of
Edinburgh in the
Conservation community

Tuesday, 6 June, 2000, 05:44 GMT 06:44 UK
Duke 'joins GM debate'

The Duke of Edinburgh has joined the debate about genetically modified food by
appearing to play down fears about the products.
He is quoted as saying that we have been genetically modifying animals and
plants ever since people started selective breeding.

His comments - reported in the Daily Telegraph - are at odds with the views of
the Prince of Wales, who has warned of the dangers of GM foods.

The newspaper quotes the Duke as saying that the introduction to the UK of
foreign pests, such as the grey squirrel, had caused more environmental damage
than GM crops ever could.

GM crops: The Duke reportedly played down fears

Prince Philip's comments came in response to a lecture made at
Windsor Castle by
the Chief Rabbi, Dr Jonathan Sacks.

The Duke is quoted as saying: "Do not let us forget we have been genetically
modifying animals and plants ever since people started selective breeding".

"People are worried about genetically modified organisms getting into the

"What people forget is that the introduction of exotic species - like, for
instance, the introduction of the grey squirrel into this country - is going to
or has done far more damage than a genetically modified piece of potato."

Prince Charles is against GM foods

During the annual St George's House Lecture Dr Sacks mentioned GM crops while
elaborating on the broader issue of genetics.

Earlier this month, the Princess Royal spoke out in favour of GM foods.

In an interview with The Grocer magazine, she said those who were
opposed to all
GM foods were guilty of a "huge simplification" and that organic food
production is not an "overall answer".

But last month the Prince of Wales used his contribution to the BBC Reith
Lectures to restate his long-standing opposition to GM foods.

The prince warned the scientific community that tampering with nature could
bring great harm to the world.