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May 16, 2000


comment to Vandana Shiva's email


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Date: May 17 2000 11:09:43 EDT
From: "Meredith Lloyd Evans - BioBridge"
Subject: (No Subject)

Dear all,
This is the comment to Vandana Shiva's email earlier this month via the
BBC's Reith lectures site.
Kind regards,
Mr Meredith Lloyd-Evans, Managing Partner BioBridge Associates & Arcadia
International eeig; 45 St Barnabas Road, Cambridge CB1 2BX tel +44 1223
566850, fax +44 1223 470222
Support Raleigh International in Belize, sponsor Rebecca Lloyd-Evans for
her Belize project, contact rebecca@biobridge.co.uk for more details!

Reith Lecture Email - Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva says much in her summary that is very important and I look
forward to her full paper. But is Vandana Shiva suggesting that women are
not contributing as scientists to solving agriculture and food challenges?

Biodiversity as understood by anti-biotech activists appears to be Stone
Age agrarianism. The only way to achieve even the maintenance of the
current amount of biodiversity is to remove 40% of the world population
from environmental pressure areas. The best way this is achieved is by
forcible dis-empowerment of women through sterilisation, and of men
through castration or death. Is V. Shiva suggesting that biotechnology
and genetic improvement has no respect for the environment or for women?
Indeed, it has far more respect than current input-intensive agriculture,
or subsistence cropping.

Forcible repolarisation of the rural-urban shift is not an option. We
have seen it tried in China, Cambodia and Russia and it is demonstrably
not sustainable. Healthy food is surely food free of agrochemical
residues and natural toxins. Biotechnology and genetic improvement can
achieve these two aims of modern crop breeding with no reduction and
indeed enhancement of nutritional value.

Why anti-biotech people are not destroying the alcohol, car and petroleum
industry which are actually KNOWN to kill and maim both people and the
environment, rather than attacking GM crops and goods, which have killed
and maimed nothing (except when deliberately mis-tested), I cannot fathom.
It is against nature, god, a healthy future and a safe world.

In Chris Patten's words NGOS should accept that "God is not always on
their side" ie the good of the Here, Now and the Future. Crop and good
biotechnology owns part of that too.