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March 15, 2000


ABC.Com on Labeling GM Food: Please Vote!


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Dear Allan,

In Europe we have had a discussion on labelling for some time now. In the
beginning, we (=ag-bio industry) clainmed that since food from GM crops is safe
and substantially equivalent, there is no need for labelling. The consumer
organizations immediately reacted on this, with arguments like "we demand a
right to choose". Eventiually we got legislation that discusses detection levels
of PCR as a way to set thresholds of GM ingredients in food, instead of a
discussion whether it is safe or not. I think many of us in Europe, now in
retrospect, realize that our initial argument was scientifically correct, but
politically in-correct.

I also realize that the consumer in US react in a different way than their
counterparts in Europe. However, before you (ag-bio industry in US) start a
no-labelling campaign in US, reflect over the experience we have had in Europe.


Paul Tenning
Novartis Seeds

AgBioNews on 2000-03-10 23:18:00


Subject: ABC.Com on Labeling GM Food: Please Vote!

AgBioNews - http://www.agbioworld.org, http://agbionews.listbot.com

On Wednesday's ABCNEWS.com web site, there is an article entitled "Genes
with Your Salsa? - Public Pushes for Labeling of Genetically Modified

Posted there is a poll that asks "Do you think genetically modified
foods should be labeled?" The pro-labeling advocates are marshalling
their forces to skew the results. Let's match 'em as best we can.

Please go to the following URL to vote NO:


Then forward this e-mail to everyone you know who might be willing to
vote NO with us ...

R. Alan Smith
Director of Public Policy
BIOCOM / san diego
4510 Executive Drive, Plaza One
San Diego, CA 92121-3021

Tel: (858) 455-0300
Fax: (858) 455-0022

e-mail: asmith@biocom.org

Organization Web Site: http://www.biocom.org
Conference and Trade Show Web Site: http://www.calbiosummit.org

(The results so far show 87% Yes for labeling and 12% No for labeling; See
if we can make a difference here...! .C.S.P)