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April 26, 2000


Bt gene escape


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Dear All:

Let me first say that I write as a proponent of Bt cotton and corn, and was
a major architect of Bt resistance management strategies. Indeed, I think
I was the first to promote the so-called high dose refuge strategy.

I also agree that weediness is the result of many traits, and I think it
very unlikely that Bt would in itself make wild sunflowers much more
weedy. However, wild sunflowers are already rather weedy. Thus, I think
that some relatively simple experiments could and should be done on the
potential of the targetted insect(s) before anyone releases Bt sunflowers
(if for no other reason to provide evidence to knock the concerns on the
head), and indeed a reasonable burden of proof should be on the proponents.


*PLEASE NOTE NEW EMAIL ADDRESS: rick.roush@adelaide.edu.au

Richard T. Roush
Associate Professor and Director Phone +61 8 8303-6590
Centre for Weed Management Systems FAX +61 8 8303-7125
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University of Adelaide /
Glen Osmond 5064 ( )
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"Weeds - Australia's most underestimated environmental threat"