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December 13, 2004


How You Can Help Ensure the Continuation of AgBioWorld and its newsletter AgBioView


Dear Friends of AgBioWorld :

I thank those of you who responded to my earlier all for contribution to the the AgBioWorld Foundation. I am very grateful to you for your help.

Please pardon me for this repeat call but I am reminding many others that during this holiday season to please think of contributing to AgBioWorld. Please remember that this is a tax-deductible contribution (for those of you in the US) and thus could be deducted in your 2004 returns if contributed before the end of the year.

As I do not derive any income from AgBioWorld and no one is on its payroll, the funds are essentially for the maintenance of our website http://www.AgBioWorld.org, sending out the daily AgBioView newsletter to thousands of subscribers in dozens of countries across the globe, plus defraying of costs related to internet access, telephone, mail, magazine/journal subscription and occasional travel. Because of AgBioWorld's incredible success, the number of people participating in the AgBioView dialog worldwide has increased substantially (nearly 4,000 now). Sending out the newsletter and maintaining the website involves considerable expense. Please see below for a summary of AgBioWorld activities and success.

May I thus urge you to please consider contributing to the Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. You can make a tax-deductible contribution using your credit card on our web site at


or by sending a check to:

AgBioWorld Foundation
P. O. Box 85
Tuskegee Institute
AL 36087-0085, USA

As it my goal to continue to run AgBioWorld and its daily newsletter AgBioView primarily through contributions from individuals and philanthropic foundations, your individual support in any amount is greatly appreciated. Your tax-deductible donation will help continue AgBioWorld's success in effectively communicating science-based information about agricultural biotechnology issues around the world and the diverse view points especially to the developing world where this technology is most needed.

I am grateful to you for any help.

Thank you,

C. S. Prakash


To pay by credit card (using PayPal), click on:


You can also mail your checks to:

AgBioWorld Foundation
P.O. Box 85
Tuskegee Institute
Tuskegee AL 36087-0085, USA


AgBioWorld in Brief

The AgBioWorld web site, discussion group and expert contacts network were launched in January 2000 by Professor C.S. Prakash and a small group of volunteer experts in scientific research, communications and public policy. Formally formed as an independent non-profit foundation in 2001, the project was born out of an absence of effective participation by credible academics, scientists and other respected experts in the public dialogue, online environment and resulting media coverage regarding agricultural biotechnology.

Since its inception, AgBioWorld has grown to a coalition of over 4,000 scientists, academics and others committed to participating in an informed and effective public dialogue regarding agricultural biotechnology. More than two dozen Nobel Laureates, former presidents, senior government ministers and diplomats, and scores of other world scientific and public policy leaders have lent their names and time to this effort.

Its aim has been to provide information to and from scientists and academic experts, policymakers, journalists, opinion leaders and the general public on the relevance of agricultural biotechnology to sustainable development. The results have been significant.

* Today the AgBioWorld web site and online discussion group AgBioView are viewed as among the leading and most influential daily source of independent and informed dialogue on issues associated with agricultural biotechnology.

* Dozens of leading journalists, from the New York Times and Wall Street Journal to the South China Post and Pravda are among the nearly 4,000 subscribers to the daily AgBioView online discussion services. And, hundreds of other journalists, opinion columnists and editorial writers access AgBioWorld's online resources and scientific expert contact lists.

* Since its launch AgBioWorld experts have been cited in thousands of media reports and by virtually every leading world media outlets.

* Over 1,000 web sites ranging from global public policy groups, such as the Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N. and the European Commission, to education and research centers around the globe link to the AgBioWorld web site as a respected resource for information.

* AgBioWorld representatives have participated in dozens of International forums and public policy events including the UN Summit on Sustainable Development, Biosafety Protocol conferences, Codex meetings, World Trade Organization forums, and the FAO World Food Summit

* Dr. Prakash has also spoken on agbiotech issues at dozens of countries and at influential gatherings including United Nations, the Vatican, US National Association of Governors Meeting, US Congressional Forum, etc.

* The AgBioWorld network has quickly mobilized scientific experts to add rational and informed participation and content to fast-breaking news and hot topics including the Monarch butterfly, Mexican maize media frenzy, Zambian food aid fiasco, Bt corn-health allegations in Philippines, electoral initiatives in California, New Zealand Royal Commission Hearings, British farm trial results and many such similar events. The online discussion group provides a platform for debate on these emerging issues from diverse groups including those critical of biotechnology.

* AgBioWorld proudly celebrated the 90th birthday of Nobel Peace Laureate Dr. Norman Borlaug in March 2004 in which many world dignitaries including President Jimmy Carter and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan sent their notes of congratulation to the great scientist through our organization.

The AgBioWorld Foundation strives to support effective and informed voices in important public dialogue and resulting public policy decisions associated with agricultural biotechnology. Your support is vital to ensure its continued work.