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May 18, 2000


Comments regarding National Organic Program


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As you may already know, the USDA's National Organic Program is accepting
comments regarding standards that govern the marketing of agricultural
products as organically produced. As it is written now, the language is
misleading and could cause consumers to think that USDA Organic Seals
convey a sense of food quality, safety, nutrition or environmental benefit
over other foods.

They are accepting comments until June 12, 2000 -- which is not far from
now -- and we scientists need to add our voices to ensure that these
standards are drafted accurately and fairly. Many Green groups are
flooding the National Organic Program with letters, and if we do not
respond their point of view will be the only one which is expressed.

To submit comments directly, please go to

There you will find pre-drafted comments which you can submit, or you can
edit or erase the text and write your own letter. Thank you for taking the
time to make a difference.