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May 7, 2000


Press releases


- http://www.agbioworld.org, http://agbioview.listbot.com

A recent comment on this network was that there were never any
scientists around to give counter arrugments to the press.
Surly this network is nearly ideal to try to set something like this
up. There are thousands(?) of people on this list and from what I
can gather a hell of a lot of them are trained and very well
I read about 25% of the messages fully (the rest I skim) and that
takes a good chuck of time, it would not take much longer to write
a press release.
I would suggest that if any member of this network wants to
essentially to apply to be part of this system. The people chosen
either by the runner of this network (sorry for suggesting more work
and for forgetting your name!), or by a radomn selection of the
members of the list.
The questions of reliabiltly and mandate spring to mind, both can
be got around.
-No people with any commercial funding at all can take part, harsh
but the only way to get around the 'your saying this 'cos your paid
to' agrument.
The mandate, 'why shold we listen to this person?' is diffucult. The
only thoughts I had were,
1) To include academic postion, the title Prof.or Dr. carrys a lot of
weight, include the insitution. If this gets set up I think that it
would be a good idea to have people from the countries unis
replying to that countries press. Also helps with timezone
2) Include this network. For each press realse say the person is a
representive of the AgBioView network, a group of scientist and
non-scientists with an instrest in debate about biotech.
At the start they will not have much credence to them, but with
every published article/press release more people will see this
name and it will gain more weight.
I personnal know of several good candiates, and I am mearly one
part of the network
Mearly a thought for group concideration.
Nicholas Clark
N Clark bgy7nrc@leeds.ac.uk