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May 6, 2000


Not The Real Thing


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Dear Dr. Deelstra:

You are correct in observing that aspartame is under attack, or was; it was
targeted because it was produced by Monsanto. Now that Monsanto has sold the
aspartame unit, activist interest in combating this substance has waned.
Eco-reactionaries are only enthralled by certain corporate targets, and not not
by corporate products in any consistent way. Hopefully, Monsanto will change its
name after being spun off from Pharmacia & Upjohn, and then the
eco-reactionaries will have to rework their rhetoric; this would be fun to

"Heine J. Deelstra" wrote:

> AgBioView - http://www.agbioworld.org, http://agbioview.listbot.com
> Pespi: Not The Real ThingIn the message quoted below Guy della-Cioppa
> suggested to use aspartame as an example for a GM-product that directly
> benefits consumers. Unfortunately aspartame is as much under attack as GMO's
> by activists.