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April 19, 2000


Gene Free Tomatoes


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Here is an interesting survey published in Seed Trade News December 1999
(Ball Publishing, Batavia, Illinois.). The survey source was Thomas J Hoban

The question was "ordinary tomatoes do not contain genes while genetically
modified ones do"
The survey was done is several countries with the following data

false don't know true
canada 52 33 15
USA 45 45 10
Austria 34 22 44
Finland 44 27 29
France 32 39 29
Germany 36 20 44
Ireland 20 51 29
Italy 35 44 21
Netherlands 51 27 22
Spain 28 46 26
Sweden 46 24 30
UK 40 38 22

Looks like the DNA free food society has a lot of work to do before we can
fulfil peoples expectations.

Opinons expressed in this posting are personal and do not reflect the
position of my employer
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