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May 13, 2000




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Please note that RAFI calls the "GURT" technology the Traitor Technology.
Here I copy one paragraph from the RAFI Communiqué dated March/April 2000:

"Traitor technology or "genetic use restriction technology" (GURTs) refers
to the use of an external chemical "inducer" to turn on or off a plant's
genetic traits - the same mechanism used to control seed sterility in
Terminator plants."

The term traitor technology again has an inherently nasty sound: somebody
is betraying someone else or committing treason. On the other hand I don't
feel that the term "GURT", as invented by Monsanto, is a particularly
attractive word. It does not describe the new technology in an easily
understandable way. Scientists should be more careful in transferring lab
jargon into the public domain. What image does the term "knock-out" mice
convey: a poor little mouse lying on its back, legs in the air.

With best wishes, Richard Braun

* Prof. Richard Braun
* Enggisteinstrasse 19
* CH 3076 Worb
* T/F +41 31 832 00 00
* rdbraun@bluewin.ch