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May 3, 2000




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Dear Dr.Comstock

Your excellent discussion on the coherence
of the precautionary principle as formulated in the 1992 Rio Declaration on
Environment and Development: "...lack of full scientific certainty shall
not be used as a reason for postponing cost effective measures to prevent
environmental degradation" clearly shows that there are alternative ways to
use the principle.


It is becoming increasingly evident that
Genetic Engineered improved crops needs less Agrotoxics and can produce more and
better food. Consequently, the precautionary principle must be applied against
crops that demands more Agrotoxics, insecticides and fertilizers.


With time, it will become tragic to feed
the fast increasing population under the likely scenario you created for the
future warmed and polluted world.

The Precautionary Principle need to be
strongly applied against pollutant chemical  technologies and dirt car


The reaction of European countries have, as
we known, many reasons, they produce plenty of foods, have a lot of green
political parties, strong Greenpeace and many NGOs, sell US$50 million/year of
agrochemicals, did not developed very much Biotechnologic industry, have a
sophisticated traditional cuisine, have difficult time to protect their
Agriculture from the USA cheaper and better products... and so on.  It is a
matter of self defense.

In Brazil some NGO, Greenpeace-like, make
strong propaganda against Biotechnology and big companies like Monsanto. The
Eco-activists and even the most learned "Ambientalists", Ecologists
and many Biochemists uses the Precautionary principle against Biotechnology in a
clear demonstration that they didn't understand the proposal of Genetic
Engineering. They stay in the wrong side of the game.


Cordially, Antonio R. Cordeiro




Prof.Antonio Rodrigues
Departamento de Genética, Cx.P. 68011
Instituto de