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May 3, 2000


'Golden Rice' Creator Honored with an Award!


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Dr. Ingo Potrykus who recently developed the provitamin-A enriched rice in
Switzerland to help address the problem of blindness in millions of
malnourished children, has been recognized for his immense scientific
contribution with an award by a Korean Foundation. See below. On behalf
of the science community, I congratulate Ingo for this tremendous honor
that he so richly deserves!

- Prakash
From: Dianne Anderson
Sender: Int'l Soc Plant Mol Biol

The Kumho Cultural Foundation of Korea has announced that the US
$30,000 Kumho Award will now be awarded annually. The awardee for
2000 is Ingo Potrykus (see the Society web page and the REPORTER
18:1 for articles about the award to Dr. Potrykus). Any Society
member can nominate candidates for the award by contacting Society
headquarters at:


There is no formal format for nominations. The Society, by means of
a special committee, chooses the awardee. Nominations for the 2001
award should be received by 1 November 2000.