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March 10, 2000


coli and Organic Food


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Hello all,

I must point out at this juncture that manure is used on both organic and
conventional farms. Sewage sludge is widely used on conventional farms.
The sludge, no doubt, has been treated to remove pathogens, yet it still is
loades with heavy metals and other contaminants. Another, particularly
unsavory use for animal manure on conventional farms is the practice of
feeding it directly to animals. There was an article in US News and World
Report in 1997, which I have found reprinted on the following site
http://www.nisbett.com/news/h-news15.htm which states that, not only is it
legal to feed cows and pigs chicken manure, newsprint and cement kiln dust,
but also dead cats and dogs.

Just a little food for thought on food safety. You can follow up on the
FDA's website http://www.fda.gov/cvm/fda/mappgs/cvmsrch.html which says,
"Recycled animal waste is a processed feed product for livestock derived
from animal manure> or a mixture of contain significant percentages of protein, fiber, and essential minerals
and have been deliberately incorporated into animal diets for their nutrient
properties for almost 40 years. Incorporation of this product into animal
diets is a viable alternative to land application or land fill."

Angelo Sacerdote
Concerned Citizen
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